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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Ping And Trace-route Facilities; Port Mirroring; Bandwidth Management; Quality Of Service (qos)

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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NOTE: You can specify only one facility.
See "Configuring the Syslog Service" on page 9-14 for configuration information.
Ping and Traceroute Facilities
After you configure an IP address for the device, you can test the device's network connections using the following
Ping – You can send a test packet to a host's IP address or host name. If the packet reaches the host, the
host generally sends a reply packet to let you know the host received your ping. If the host does not reply
within a specified interval, the HP device re-attempts the ping up to a specified number of times.
Traceroute – On HP switches and routing switches, you can trace the IP path to a host. The traceroute
feature displays a list of all the intervening router hops the traceroute request traversed to reach the host.
See "Verifying Proper Connections" on page 2-20.

Port Mirroring

The mirror port feature lets you connect a protocol analyzer to a port on an HP device to observe the traffic flowing
into and out of another port on the same device. To use this feature, you specify the port you want to monitor and
the port into which you are plugging the protocol analyzer.
NOTE: Only one mirror port can be active on a switch or routing switch at a time. By default, no mirror port is
For more information, see "Assigning a Mirror Port and Monitor Ports" on page 9-61.

Bandwidth Management

HP's rate limiting enables you to control the amount of bandwidth specific Ethernet traffic uses on specific
interfaces, by limiting the amount of data the interface receives or forwards for traffic. You can configure the
following types of rate limiting:
Fixed Rate Limiting – Enforces a strict bandwidth limit. The device forwards traffic that is within the limit but
drops all traffic that exceeds the limit.
Adaptive Rate Limiting – Enforces a flexible bandwidth limit that allows for bursts above the limit. You can
configure Adaptive Rate Limiting to forward, modify the IP precedence of and forward, or drop traffic based on
whether the traffic is within the limit or exceeds the limit.
Rate limiting is supported on the HP 9304M and HP 9308M.
For information, see the "Rate Limiting" chapter in the Advanced Configuration and Management Guide.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service (QoS) is an extended set of prioritization features that provide greater flexibility and control over
how traffic is handled as it passes through an HP device.
Using QoS, you can configure the device's four QoS queues and you can classify packets and assign them to
specific queues based on the following criteria:
Incoming port (sometimes called ingress port)
IP source and destination addresses
Layer 4 source and destination information (for all IP addresses or specific IP addresses)
Static MAC entry
AppleTalk socket number
Software Overview
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