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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Telnet; Trivial File Transfer Protocol (tftp); Simple Network Time Protocol (sntp); Domain Name Server (dns) Resolver

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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See "Scheduling a System Reload" on page 6-9.


As described in "Management Interfaces" on page 7-7, HP devices allow you to access the CLI through a Telnet
connection. To establish the Telnet connection, you need the following:
An IP address on the HP device. See "Assign a Permanent IP Address" on page 2-13 for information.
A third-party terminal emulation application installed on a PC or workstation that has network access to the
HP device.

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)

All HP devices allow you to use TFTP to copy files to and from the flash memory modules on the management
module. You can use TFTP to perform the following operations:
Upgrade boot or flash code.
Archive boot or flash code or a configuration file on a TFTP server.
Load the system using flash code and a configuration file stored on a TFTP server. (This occurs as part of the
BootP or DHCP process.)
NOTE: Certain boot upgrades may require you to install new firmware. Contact your reseller or Hewlett-Packard
for information.
See "Updating Software Images and Configuration Files" on page 6-1 for more information about using TFTP on
HP devices.

Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

HP devices can use either of two time and date sources:
An on-board system clock.
An external SNTP server. The server can be on the same sub-net or a different sub-net.
If you have access to an SNTP server, Hewlett-Packard recommends that you use the SNTP server as the time
and date source. Using an SNTP server ensures that all devices that use the SNTP server have a consistent time
and date. In addition, the settings on the system time counter are not retained across power cycles. The counter
has to be reset following each power-up. If the device is configured to reference an SNTP server, the device
automatically sets its time counter according to the SNTP server after a system reset.
Regardless of the time and date source you use, you can configure the time zone of the time and date. You also
can enable daylight savings time, which is disabled by default.
See "Setting the System Clock" on page 9-12 for more information about setting the time and date.

Domain Name Server (DNS) Resolver

The DNS Resolver feature allows you to use just a host name rather than a fully-qualified domain name when you
use Telnet, ping, and trace-route commands. To configure the feature, you specify the domain name, then specify
the IP addresses of up to four DNS servers that have authority for the domain.
For example, if you define the domain "" on an HP device, you can initiate a ping to a host on that
domain by specifying only the host name in the command. You do not need to specify the host's entire domain
As an example, here are two CLI commands. The first command uses only the host name. The second
command uses the fully-qualified domain name for the host.
HP9300# ping nyc01
HP9300# ping
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