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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Assigning A Permanentp; How To Assign A Password

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
6. Assigning a Permanent Password
CLI access does not require a password by default. If you want to configure a password, you must use the CLI. A
password cannot be assigned through the Web management interface.
The CLI contains the following access levels:
User EXEC level – The level you enter when you first start a CLI session. At this level, you can view some
system information but you cannot configure system or port parameters.
Privileged EXEC level – This level is also called the Enable level and can be secured by a password. You
can perform tasks such as manage files on the flash module, save the system configuration to flash, and
clear caches at this level.
CONFIG level – The configuration level. This level lets you configure the system's IP address and configure
switching and routing features. To access the CONFIG mode, you must already be logged into the Privileged
level of the EXEC mode.
By default, there are no CLI passwords. To secure CLI access, you must assign passwords.
NOTE: You must use the CLI to assign a password. You cannot assign a password using the Web management
interface or an SNMP network management application.
You can set the following levels of Enable passwords:
Super User – Allows complete read-and-write access to the system. This is generally for system
administrators and is the only password level that allows you to configure passwords. You must set a super
user password before you can set other types of passwords.
Port Configuration – Allows read-and-write access for specific ports but not for global (system-wide)
Read Only – Allows access to the Privileged EXEC mode and CONFIG mode but only with read access.

How To Assign a Password

When you first connect to the CLI, you are at the User EXEC level of the CLI. This is the first level of the CLI. The
next level is the Privileged EXEC level. You need to get to the global CONFIG level of the CONFIG command
structure to assign a permanent password.
To reach the global CONFIG level and assign passwords, use the following steps:
At the opening prompt, enter the following command to go from the User EXEC level to the Privileged EXEC
HP9300> enable
Access the configuration level of the CLI by entering the following command:
HP9300# configure terminal
To set the super-user password:
HP9300(config)# enable super-user-password <string>
NOTE: You must set a super-user password before you can set other types of passwords.
To set the port-configuration and read-only passwords:
HP9300(config)# enable read-only-password <string>
HP9300(config)# enable port-config-password <string>
2 - 12
Privileged EXEC Level
Global CONFIG Level



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