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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 69

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
This command adds a local user account with the user name "wonka" and the password "willy". This account has
the Super User privilege level; this user has full access to all configuration and display features.
NOTE: If you configure local user accounts, you must grant Super User level access to at least one account
before you add accounts with other privilege levels. You need the Super User account to make further
administrative changes.
HP9300(config)# username waldo privilege 5 password whereis
This command adds a user account for user name "waldo", password "whereis", with the Read Only privilege
level. Waldo can look for information but cannot make configuration changes.
Syntax: [no] username <user-string> privilege <privilege-level> password | nopassword <password-string>
The privilege parameter specifies the privilege level for the account. You can specify one of the following:
0 – Super User level (full read-write access)
4 – Port Configuration level
5 – Read Only level
The default privilege level is 0. If you want to assign Super User level access to the account, you can enter the
command without privilege 0, as shown in the command example above.
The password | nopassword parameter indicates whether the user must enter a password. If you specify
password, enter the string for the user's password.
NOTE: You must be logged on with Super User access (privilege level 0) to add user accounts or configure other
access parameters.
To display user account information, enter the following command:
HP9300(config)# show users
Syntax: show users
To configure a local user account using the Web management interface, use the following procedure.
NOTE: Before you can add a local user account using the Web management interface, you must enable this
capability by entering the password any command at the global CONFIG level of the CLI.
Log on to the device using a valid user name and password for read-write access. The System configuration
dialog is displayed.
Select the Management link from the System configuration panel to display the Management panel.
Select the User Account link.
If any user accounts are already configured on the device, the account information is listed in a table.
Select the Add User Account link to display the following panel. Notice that the password display is
encrypted. If you want the passwords to be displayed in clear text, you can use the CLI to disable
encryption of password displays. See "Disabling Password Encryption" on page 3-11.
If the device does not have any user accounts configured, the following panel is displayed.
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