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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 241

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
HP9300(config-bcast-filter-id-1)# write memory
To configure two filters, one to filter IP UDP traffic on ports 1/1 – 1/4, and the other to filter all broadcast traffic on
port 4/6, enter the following commands:
HP9300(config)# broadcast filter 2 ip udp
HP9300(config-bcast-filter-id-2)# exclude-ports ethernet 1/1 to 1/4
HP9300(config-bcast-filter-id-3)# exit
HP9300(config)# broadcast filter 3 any
HP9300(config-bcast-filter-id-3)# exclude-ports ethernet 4/6
HP9300(config-bcast-filter-id-3)# write memory
To configure an IP UDP broadcast filter and apply that applies only to port-based VLAN 10, then apply the filter to
two ports within the VLAN, enter the following commands:
HP9300(config)# broadcast filter 4 ip udp vlan 10
HP9300(config-bcast-filter-id-4)# exclude-ports eth 1/1 eth 1/3
HP9300(config-bcast-filter-id-1)# write memory
Configuring a Layer 2 Multicast Filter
To configure a multicast filter, you must have access to the CONFIG level of the CLI. You can configure up to
eight multicast filters on a device.
Syntax: [no] multicast filter <filter-id> any | ip udp mac <multicast-address> | any [mask <mask>]
[vlan <vlan-id>]
The parameter values are the same as the for the broadcast filter command. In addition, the multicast filter
command requires the mac <multicast-address> | any parameter, which specifies the multicast address. Enter
mac any to filter on all multicast addresses.
Enter mac followed by a specific multicast address to filter only on that multicast address. To filter on a range of
multicast addresses, use the mask <mask> parameter. For example, to filter on multicast groups
0100.5e00.5200 – 0100.5e00.52ff, use mask ffff.ffff.ff00. The default mask matches all bits (is all Fs). You can
leave the mask off if you want the filter to match on all bits in the multicast address.
Configuration Examples
To configure a Layer 2 multicast filter to filter all multicast groups, then apply the filter to ports 2/4, 2/5, and 2/8,
enter the following commands:
HP9300(config)# multicast filter 1 any
HP9300(config-mcast-filter-id-1)# exclude-ports ethernet 2/4 to 2/5 ethernet 2/8
HP9300(config-mcast-filter-id-1)# write memory
To configure a multicast filter to block all multicast traffic destined for multicast addresses 0100.5e00.5200 –
0100.5e00.52ff on port 4/8, enter the following commands:
HP9300(config)# multicast filter 2 any 0100.5e00.5200 mask ffff.ffff.ff00
HP9300(config-mcast-filter-id-2)# exclude-ports ethernet 4/8
HP9300(config-mcast-filter-id-2)# write memory
The software calculates the range by combining the mask with the multicast address. In this example, all but the
last eight bits in the mask are "significant bits" (ones). The last eight bits are zeros and thus match on any value.
Each "f" or "0" is four bits.
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