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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Switching Over To The Standby

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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To enable automatic synchronization of the boot code, select the checkbox next to Boot Flash.
To change the synchronization interval for the running-config, enter the new value in the Running
Configuration Interval field. To disable automatic synchronization of the running-config, enter 0 in the field.
Select the checkbox next to Boot Flash.
NOTE: Do not click the Synchronize Boot Flash Now button unless you want the active module to
immediately copy its boot flash image to the standby module.
Click the Apply button to send the configuration change to the active module's running-config file.
If you want the change to remain in effect following the next system reload, select the Save link to save the
configuration change to the active redundant management module's startup-config file. (The change is
automatically sent to the standby module when the active module's system-config file is copied to the standby
Switching Over to the Standby Redundant Management Module
If you reload the software using the reload command, the behavior of the management modules is the same as
when you power the system on. The system selects the active module based on the slot you specified or based
on the lower slot number if you did not specify a slot. Then both redundant management modules load their own
boot code and load the active redundant management module's flash code (system software) and system-config
If you do not want to reload the system but you instead want to force the system to switch over to the standby
module (and thus make it the active redundant management module), use one of the following methods.
To switch over to the other redundant management module, enter a command such as the following:
HP9300# reset 2
Syntax: reset <slot-num>
Specify the slot number containing the currently active management module. Do not specify the slot number
containing the standby module to which you want to switch over.
The <slot-num> parameter specifies the chassis slot:
Slots on an HP 9304M chassis are numbered 1 – 4, from top to bottom.
Slots on an HP 9308M chassis are numbered 1 – 8, from left to right.
Log on to the device using a valid user name and password for read-write access. The System configuration
dialog is displayed.
Select the Redundant link to display the following panel.
Using Redundant Management Modules
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