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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 37

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: None
Attaching a PC or Terminal Using a Direct LAN Connection
To attach a management station using a direct LAN connection:
NOTE: Use this procedure if you are unable to make the serial connection described above.
Important! Cable Grounding Instructions
HP provides a cable-grounding kit for use with HP 9304M/HP 9308M chassis modules designed for UTP copper
networking cable connections. Use this grounding kit to help prevent ESD damage to your routing switch
components when connecting cables to the modules.
CAUTION: Before connecting Category 5 or better UTP copper networking cables to a chassis module on the HP
9304M or HP 9308M, use the CESD grounding tap (shipped with the HP 9304M and HP 9308M and with chassis
modules designed for UTP copper networking cables). See the Cable Grounding Instructions included with the
CESD grounding tap. If you did not receive a CESD grounding tap kit (HP part number 5064-9974) with the above
HP products, you can request one without charge from your HP Customer Care Center (CCC). To contact the
CCC for your area, see the support and warranty booklet (Support is as Close as the World Wide Web!) shipped
with your HP product. CCCs are also listed in the HP ProCurve Networking Service and Support Guide available
at (Click on Technical Support, then Support Services.)
Directly connect the LAN port on a Telnet-capable terminal device such as a laptop or desktop PC to one of
the following:
In a Chassis device, port 1 in slot 1
In a Fixed-port device, port 1
Configure the terminal device with an IP address and subnet mask that assigns the terminal to the same
subnet as the switch or routing switch's IP address for port 1, slot 1 (Chassis device) or port 1 (Fixed-port
From the DOS prompt, enter telnet <ip-addr> to access the switch or routing switch CLI, where <ip-addr> is
the IP address for the switch or routing switch port.
When you establish the serial connection to the device, press Enter to display the CLI prompt for your switch or
routing switch. For example:
NOTE: For simplicity, CLI examples for the routing switches generally show the command prompt "HP9300". This
command prompt represents either the HP 9304M or HP 9308M unless otherwise noted. Command prompts that
are specific to the HP 6208M-SX or HP 6308M-SX show "HP6208" or "HP6308".
The CLI examples for Layer 3 features that use the same syntax on Chassis devices and Fixed-port devices
generally use "HP9300" in the command prompt. The CLI examples for features that apply exclusively to the HP
6208M-SX use "HP6208".
If you see one of these prompts, you are now connected to the system and can proceed to "Assigning a
Permanent Password" on page 2-12.
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