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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Maximum File Sizes For Diagnostic Errorc

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Select the Configuration link to display the following panel.
Enter the address of the TFTP server in the TFTP Server IP field.
Enter the configuration file name in the Configuration File Name field.
NOTE: The TFTP client on the HP device supports only 8.3 format file names (up to eight characters in the
name plus up to three characters in the extension. Make sure that if you rename the file on your TFTP server,
you give the file a name that conforms to these rules.
Click on one of the following buttons to start the file transfer:
Copy from Server to Flash – downloads the configuration file from the TFTP server into the device's
flash. (The flash area holds only one configuration file, so you cannot specify a primary or secondary
save location for the file.)
Save from Flash to Server – uploads the startup-config file (the configuration file) to the TFTP server
using the name you entered in the Configuration File Name field.
Save from RAM to Server – uploads the running-config file to the TFTP server using the name you
entered in the Configuration File Name field. The running-config file contains the active system
configuration, which may not match the contents of the startup-config file if you have made configuration
changes but not saved them to flash. To synchronize the running-config and startup-config files, use the
procedure in "Replacing the Startup Configuration with the Running Configuration" on page 6-5.
NOTE: While TFTP transfers are in process, a red bar labeled 'processing' is displayed on the screen. When the
TFTP transfer is actively transferring image or configuration data, a green bar labeled 'loading' is displayed. When
a successful transfer is complete, the message "TFTP transfer complete" is displayed.
If a problem with the transfer occurs, one of the error codes listed in the following section is displayed.
Maximum File Sizes for Startup-Config File and Running-Config
Each device has a maximum allowable size for the running-config and the startup-config file. If you use TFTP to
load additional information into a device's running-config or startup-config file, it is possible to exceed the
maximum allowable size. If this occurs, you will not be able to save the configuration changes.
The following table lists the maximum size for the running-config and the startup-config file on the devices.
HP 9304M or HP 9308M using
redundant management module
Updating Software Images and Configuration Files
Maximum running-config and
startup-config file sizes
6 - 7



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