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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Displaying Radius Configuration Information

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
The commands in this example configure virtual interface 1, assign IP address to the interface, then
designate the interface as the source for all RADIUS packets from the routing switch.
Syntax: ip radius source-interface ethernet <portnum> | loopback <num> | ve <num>
The <num> parameter is a loopback interface or virtual interface number. If you specify an Ethernet port, the
<portnum> is the port's number (including the slot number, if you are configuring a chassis device).

Displaying RADIUS Configuration Information

The show aaa command displays information about all TACACS/TACACS+ and RADIUS servers identified on the
device. For example:
HP9300# show aaa
Tacacs+ key: whistle
Tacacs+ retries: 1
Tacacs+ timeout: 15 seconds
Tacacs+ dead-time: 3 minutes
Tacacs+ Server: Port:49:
no connection
Radius key: networks
Radius retries: 3
Radius timeout: 3 seconds
Radius dead-time: 3 minutes
Radius Server:
no connection
The following table describes the RADIUS information displayed by the show aaa command.
Radius key
Radius retries
Radius timeout
Radius dead-time
Radius Server
3 - 40
=6 closes=3 timeouts=3 errors=0
ts in=4 packets out=4 Auth Port=1645 Acct Port=1646:
=2 closes=1 timeouts=1 errors=0
ts in=1 packets out=4
Table 3.6: Output of the show aaa command for RADIUS
The setting configured with the radius-server key command. At the Super User
privilege level, the actual text of the key is displayed. At the other privilege levels, a
string of periods (....) is displayed instead of the text.
The setting configured with the radius-server retransmit command.
The setting configured with the radius-server timeout command.
The setting configured with the radius-server dead-time command.
For each RADIUS server, the IP address, and the following statistics are displayed:
Auth Port
RADIUS authentication port number (default 1645)
Acct Port
RADIUS accounting port number (default 1646)
Number of times the port was opened for communication with the
Number of times the port was closed normally
Number of times port was closed due to a timeout
Number of times an error occurred while opening the port
packets in
Number of packets received from the server
packets out
Number of packets sent to the server


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