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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Assign A Permanent Ip Address; Routing Switches

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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How to Recover From a Lost Password
Recovery from a lost password requires direct access to the serial port and a system reset of the device.
NOTE: You can perform this procedure only from the CLI.
To recover from a lost password:
Start a CLI session over the serial interface to the device.
Reboot the device.
While the system is booting, before the initial system prompt appears, enter b to enter the boot monitor mode.
4. Enter no password at the prompt. This command cannot be abbreviated. This command will cause the
device to bypass the system password check.
Enter boot system flash primary.
After the console prompt reappears, assign a new password.

7. Assign a Permanent IP Address

Before you can manage the switch or routing switch over your network, you must assign at least one IP address to
the device. (For more information on IP addressing, see the "Configuring IP and IP/RIP" chapter in the Advanced
Configuration and Management Guide included on the CD-ROM shipped with your device.)

Routing Switches

Before attaching an HP routing switch to your network, you must assign an interface IP address to the sub-net on
which the routing switch will be located. For subsequent addresses, you also can use the CLI through Telnet or
use the Web management interface.
Using a serial connection is the recommended method for assigning the first IP address on a routing switch. (You
also can use Telnet with a direct, terminal-to-device LAN connection if necessary—see "Attaching a PC or
Terminal Using a Direct LAN Connection" on page 2-10.)
On the HP 9304M or HP 9308M, you can configure up to 24 IP interfaces on each port, virtual interface, and
loopback interface. On the HP 6308M-SX routing switch, you can increase this amount to up to 64 IP sub-net
addresses per port by increasing the size of the subnet-per-interface table. See "Displaying and Modifying
System Parameter Default Settings" on page 9-58.
The following procedure shows how to add an IP address and mask to a routing switch port.
1. At the opening CLI prompt, enter enable.
HP9300> enable
If you are prompted for the password you created in "Assigning a Permanent Password" on page 2-12, enter
the password.
Enter the following command at the Privileged EXEC level prompt (for example, HP9300#), then press Enter.
This command erases the factory test configuration if still present:
HP9300# erase startup-config
WARNING: Use this step only for new systems. If you enter this command on a system you have already
configured, the command erases the configuration. If you accidentally do erase the configuration on a configured
system, enter the write memory command to save the running configuration to the startup-config file.
Access the configuration level of the CLI by entering the following command:
HP9300# configure terminal
Privileged EXEC Level
Global CONFIG Level
2 - 13



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