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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 143

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
HP 9304M or HP 9308M using
management module (MI)
HP 6308M-SX or HP 6208M-SX
To determine the size of a device's running-config or startup-config file, copy it to a TFTP server, then use the
directory services on the server to list the size of the copied file. To copy the running-config or startup-config file to
a TFTP server, use one of the following commands.
Commands to copy the running-config to a TFTP server:
copy running-config tftp <ip-addr> <filename>
ncopy running-config tftp <ip-addr> <from-name>
Commands to copy the startup-config file to a TFTP server:
copy startup-config tftp <ip-addr> <filename>
ncopy startup-config tftp <ip-addr> <from-name>
Diagnostic Error Codes and Remedies for TFTP Transfers
If an error occurs with a TFTP transfer to or from an HP device, one of the following error codes is displayed.
Flash read preparation failed.
Flash read failed.
Flash write preparation failed.
Flash write failed.
TFTP session timeout.
TFTP out of buffer space.
6 - 8
a.The running-config and startup-config file can each be the size listed.
The maximum size is not the maximum combined size for the running­
config and startup-config files.
Maximum running-config and
startup-config file sizes
Explanation and action
A flash error occurred during the
Retry the download. If it fails again,
contact customer support.
TFTP failed because of a time out.
Check IP connectivity and make sure the
TFTP server is running.
The file is larger than the amount of room
on the device or TFTP server.
If you are copying an image file to flash,
first copy the other image to your TFTP
server, then delete it from flash. (Use the
erase flash... CLI command at the
Privileged EXEC level to erase the image
in the flash.)
If you are copying a configuration file to
flash, edit the file to remove unneeded
information, then try again.


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