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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 191

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
The command in the example above adds trap receiver and configures the software to display the
community string associated with the receiver in the clear. When you save the new community string to the
startup-config file, the software adds the following command to the file:
snmp-server host 0 "HP 9304M-12"
Log on to the device using a valid user name and password for read-write access.
Click the Management link to display the Management configuration panel.
Click the Trap Receiver link to display the Trap Receiver panel.
Enter the IP address of the receiver in the IP Address field.
Enter the community string you want the routing switch to send in traps sent to this host in the Community
String field.
Select the Encrypt checkbox to remove the checkmark if you want to disable encryption of the string display.
Encryption prevents other users from seeing the string in the CLI or Web management interface. If you
disable encryption, other users can view the community string. Encryption is enabled by default.
To re-enable encryption, select the checkbox to place a checkmark in the box.
Click Add to apply the change to the device's running-config file.
Select the Save link at the bottom of the panel. Select Yes when prompted to save the configuration change
to the startup-config file on the device's flash memory.
Specifying a Single Trap Source
You can specify a single trap source to ensure that all SNMP traps sent by the HP device use the same source IP
address. When you configure the SNMP source address, you specify the Ethernet port, loopback interface, or
virtual interface that is the source for the traps. The HP device then uses the first IP address configured on the
port or interface as the source IP address in the SNMP traps sent by the device.
Identifying a single source IP address for SNMP traps provides the following benefits:
If your trap receiver is configured to accept traps only from specific links or IP addresses, you can use this
feature to simplify configuration of the trap receiver by configuring the HP device to always send the traps
from the same link or source address.
If you specify a loopback interface as the single source for SNMP traps, SNMP trap receivers can receive
traps regardless of the states of individual links. Thus, if a link to the trap receiver becomes unavailable but
the receiver can be reached through another link, the receiver still receives the trap, and the trap still has the
source IP address of the loopback interface.
NOTE: When you designate an interface as the SNMP trap source for an HP device, the software uses the first
IP address configured on the interface as the source IP address for the traps. The first IP address refers to when
the address was configured, not to its numeric sequence relative to other IP addresses configured on the
interface. Thus, the first IP address is not the numerically lowest address, but is instead the IP address configured
on the interface before any other IP addresses were configured on that interface.
To specify a port, loopback interface, or virtual interface whose first configured IP address the HP device must use
as the source for all SNMP traps sent by the device, use the following CLI method.
To configure the device to send all SNMP traps from the first configured IP address on port 4/11, enter the
following commands:
HP9300(config)# snmp trap-source ethernet 4/11
HP9300(config)# write memory
Syntax: snmp-server trap-source loopback <num> | ethernet <portnum> | ve <num>
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