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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Setting Optional Parameters

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
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There are 2 authorized client public keys configured
Syntax: show ip client-public-key
To clear the public keys from the active configuration, enter the following command:
HP9300# clear public-key
Syntax: clear public-key
To reload the public keys from the file on the TFTP server, enter the following command:
HP9300(config)# ip ssh pub-key-file reload
Syntax: ip ssh pub-key-file reload
Once the public keys are part of the active configuration, you can make them part of the startup-config file. The
startup-config file can contain a maximum of 10 public keys. If you want to store more than 10 public keys, keep
them in a file on a TFTP server, where they will be loaded into the active configuration when the device is booted.
To make the public keys in the active configuration part of the startup-config file, enter the following commands:
HP9300(config)# ip ssh pub-key-file flash-memory
HP9300(config)# write memory
Syntax: ip ssh pub-key-file flash-memory
To clear the public keys from the startup-config file (if they are located there), enter the following commands:
HP9300# clear public-key
HP9300# write memory
Enabling RSA Challenge-Response Authentication
RSA challenge-response authentication is enabled by default. You can disable or re-enable it manually.
To enable RSA challenge-response authentication:
HP9300(config)# ip ssh rsa-authentication yes
To disable RSA challenge-response authentication:
HP9300(config)# ip ssh rsa-authentication no
Syntax: ip ssh rsa-authentication yes | no

Setting Optional Parameters

You can adjust the following SSH settings on the HP device:
The number of SSH authentication retries
The server RSA key size
The user authentication method the HP device uses for SSH connections
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