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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual: Logging

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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Installation and Getting Started Guide
enter part of a command, then enter "?" or press Tab, the CLI lists the options you can enter at this point in the
command string.
If you enter an invalid command followed by ?, a message appears indicating the command was unrecognized.
For example:
HP9300(config)# rooter ip
Unrecognized command
Command Completion
The CLI supports command completion, so you do not need to enter the entire name of a command or option. As
long as you enter enough characters of the command or option name to avoid ambiguity with other commands or
options, the CLI understands what you are typing.
Scroll Control
By default, the CLI uses a page mode to paginate displays that are longer than the number of rows in your
terminal emulation window. For example, if you display a list of all the commands at the global CONFIG level but
your terminal emulation window does not have enough rows to display them all at once, the page mode stops the
display and lists your choices for continuing the display.
Here is an example:
some lines omitted for brevity...


--More--, next page: Space, next line: Return key, quit: Control-c
The software provides the following scrolling options:
Press the Space bar to display the next page (one screen at time).
Press the Return or Enter key to display the next line (one line at a time).
Press CTRL + C to cancel the display.
Line Editing Commands
The CLI supports the following line editing commands. To enter a line-editing command, use the CTRL-key
combination for the command by pressing and holding the CTRL key, then pressing the letter associated with the
Ctrl-Key Combination
2 - 22
Table 2.2: CLI Line Editing Commands
Moves to the first character on the command line.
Moves the cursor back one character.
Escapes and terminates command prompts and ongoing tasks
(such as lengthy displays), and displays a fresh command
Deletes the character at the cursor.


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