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HP PROCURVE 6208M-SX Installation And Getting Started Manual Page 200

Hewlett-packard switch user manual.
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The SyslogD service on a Syslog server receives logging messages from applications on the local host or from
devices such as a routing switch or switch. SyslogD adds a time stamp to each received message and directs
messages to a log file. Most Unix workstations come with SyslogD configured. Some third party vendor products
also provide SyslogD running on NT.
SyslogD uses UDP port 514 and each SyslogD message thus is sent with destination port 514. Each SyslogD
message is one line with syslogd message format. The message is embedded in the text portion of the SyslogD
format. There are several subfields in the format. Keywords are used to identify each subfield, and commas are
delimiters. The subfield order is insensitive except that the text subfield should be the last field in the message.
All the subfields are optional.
To set logging parameters, use one of the following methods.
Syslog is enabled by default. To disable it, enter the following command at the global CONFIG level:
HP9300(config)# logging off
Syntax: logging on | off
To re-enable logging, enter the following command:
HP9300(config)# logging on
This command enables local Syslog logging with the following defaults:
Messages of all severity levels (Emergencies – Debugging) are logged.
Up to 50 messages are retained in the local Syslog buffer.
No SyslogD server is specified.
Specifying a SyslogD Server
To specify a SyslogD server, enter a command such as the following:
HP9300(config)# logging
Syntax: logging <ip-addr> | <server-name>
NOTE: You can specify a server name only if you have already configured the DNS Resolver feature. See the
"Configuring IP" chapter in the Advanced Configuration and Management Guide.
Specifying an Additional SyslogD Server
To specify an additional SyslogD server, enter the logging <ip-addr> command again, as in the following
example. You can specify up to six SyslogD servers.
HP9300(config)# logging
Syntax: logging <ip-addr> | <server-name>
Disabling Logging of a Message Level
To change the message level, disable logging of specific message levels. You must disable the message levels
on an individual basis. For example, to disable logging of debugging and informational messages, enter the
following commands:
HP9300(config)# no logging buffered debugging
HP9300(config)# no logging buffered informational
Syntax: [no] logging buffered <level> | <num-entries>
The <level> parameter can have one of the following values:
Configuring Basic Features
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