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Mitsubishi Electric QD77MS User Manual Page 10

Simple motion module.
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Correctly and securely wire the wires. Reconfirm the connections for mistakes and the terminal
screws for tightness after wiring. Failing to do so may lead to run away of the servomotor.
After wiring, install the protective covers such as the terminal covers to the original positions.
Do not install a phase advancing capacitor, surge absorber or radio noise filter (option FR-BIF) on
the output side of the servo amplifier.
Correctly connect the output side (terminal U, V, W). Incorrect connections will lead the
servomotor to operate abnormally.
Do not connect a commercial power supply to the servomotor, as this may lead to trouble.
Do not mistake the direction of the surge absorbing diode installed on the DC relay for the control
signal output of brake signals, etc. Incorrect installation may lead to signals not being output
when trouble occurs or the protective functions not functioning.
For the sink output interface
Do not connect or disconnect the connection cables between each unit, the encoder cable or
PLC expansion cable while the power is ON.
Securely tighten the cable connector fixing screws and fixing mechanisms. Insufficient fixing may
lead to the cables combing off during operation.
Do not bundle the power line or cables.
Use applicable solderless terminals and tighten them with the specified torque.
If any solderless spade terminal is used, it may be disconnected when the terminal screw comes
loose, resulting in failure.
Do not install the control lines or communication cables together with the main circuit lines or
power cables. Keep a distance of 100mm or more between them. Failure to do so may result in
malfunction due to noise.
Prevent foreign matter such as dust or wire chips from entering the module. Such foreign matter
can cause a fire, failure, or malfunction.
A protective film is attached to the top of the module to prevent foreign matter, such as wire
chips, from entering the module during wiring. Do not remove the film during wiring. Remove it for
heat dissipation before system operation.
Place the cables in a duct or clamp them. If not, dangling cable may swing or inadvertently be
pulled, resulting in damage to the module or cables or malfunction due to poor contact.
When disconnecting the cable from the module, do not pull the cable by the cable part. For the
cable with connector, hold the connector part of the cable. Pulling the cable connected to the
module may result in malfunction or damage to the module or cable.
Use 1000BASE-T-compliant Ethernet cables for Ethernet connection. For the maximum station-
to-station distance and the overall cable distance, follow the specifications in this manual. If not,
normal data transmission is not guaranteed.
Servo amplifier
Control output
Servo amplifier
Control output
For the source output interface
A - 8


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