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Caller Id Call Log - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

Feature operation.
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Section 700 - Operation
Hardware Requirements
Related Programming
FF1-0-03: Extension COS (Onhook Transfer at Ringback)
FF1-0-03: Extension COS (Onhook Transfer at Talk)
FF1-0-03: Extension COS (Onhook Transfer at Camp-on)
FF1-0-03: Extension COS (Trunk-to-trunk On-hook Transfer Restriction)
If On-Hook Transfer is not enabled for the transferring party's Extension Class of Service (COS),
he/she must press the PROG or RELEASE key before hanging up to complete the transfer.
If the call is not answered by the third party before the Transfer Recall Timer expires, the call
will recall to the transferring extension.
If a Transfer Recall is not answered before the Recall Duration Timer expires, the call will revert
to the Attendant group.
If the called party does not exist, the call recalls to the transferring extension.
You cannot transfer a call to an extension that has Do-Not-Disturb (DND) activated.
You can transfer a call to an extension that has Call Forwarding activated. The transferred call
will follow the call forwarding path of the extension it is transferred to. For example, if extension
221 is forwarded to extension 225, calls that are transferred to extension 221 will be forwarded to
extension 225.
Calls can be transferred from paging using supervised transfer.
If a call is unsupervised transferred to a busy extension, the call will camp on to the busy
To transfer to a outside party, it is best to use supervised transfer. If the trunk-to-trunk on-hook
transfer restriction is enabled, a blind transfer will result in the loss of the second call but the
second call will be kept on hold. If not enabled and the second outside party is busy, the
transferred party will receive busy.

Caller ID Call Log

The Call Log keeps a record of Caller ID calls to individual phones. The Call Log allows you to view
Caller ID calls that have been sent to your phone and, if desired, return a call.
The following table shows maximum number of extensions that may have call logs and the number of
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Chapter 5. Key Telephone Features


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