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Caller Id; Caller Id Alpha Tagging (not Available In Usa) - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

Feature operation.
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Chapter 3. System Features

Caller ID

A properly equipped DBS 576 supports Caller ID, a service offered by the network telephone
service provider. The CO sends calling number information to the DBS 576 after the first
ring. Users who have display telephones can see Caller ID information as incoming calls ring
at their extension and can have access to previous calls via the Caller ID Call Log feature.
The Caller ID number is recorded in SMDR.
Hardware Requirements
Loop-start trunk card (VB-44510)
Caller ID circuit card (VB-44513)
Related Programming
FF2-0: Caller ID
FF2-0: Caller ID Ring Control
FF3-0: Call Duration Display
ISDN (PRI - T Point) can get calling party information.
Caller ID service must be ordered from the local telephone operating company or the
interexchange carrier.
Caller ID data is usually sent between the first and the second rings of the incoming trunk call.
The trunk may be programmed to immediately ring at the station or wait until after the Caller ID
digits are received before ringing at the station. If the trunk is programmed to ring immediately,
the Caller ID digits will not display until after they are received and processed.
Caller ID numbers may be denied from being sent for some callers (private). Some long distance
carriers may not provide Caller ID data (out of area).
Caller ID only support the single format (number only). Multiple format (number and name) is
not supported.

Caller ID Alpha Tagging (Not Available in USA)

CPC-96, CPC-288, and CPC-576 Version 2.0
If the received Caller ID phone number matches any number in the System Speed Dials (SSD000-
SSD199), then the associated System Speed Dial name can be displayed as the Caller ID information
instead of the Caller ID phone number. Alternatively, the DID name may be displayed instead.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Section 700 - Operation


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