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Aec Disconnect; Attendant Groups - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

Feature operation.
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Chapter 3. System Features

AEC Disconnect

This feature allows the System to send a disconnect signal of 1 second to an analog device indicating
that the calling party has hung up (terminated the call). This feature is useful with a Third-party Voice
Mail or an Answering Machine. By default this feature is disabled.
Hardware Requirements
AEC port
Related Programming
FF3-0: Loop Disconnect Signal
The 1 second time duration of the disconnect signal is fixed. (It cannot be changed.)

Attendant Groups

CPC-96, CPC-288, and CPC-576 All Versions
An attendant phone is often used as a central answering point for other extensions. In addition,
attendant phones frequently have special capabilities for monitoring and programming extensions.
You can reach the assigned attendant group by dialing the feature access code for Attendant Calls
(usually 0). If an attendant phone is available but does not answer within a set time, the call will move
to the next available attendant phone. If all members of the attendant group are busy for a specified
time, the call can be forwarded to other extensions or another hunt group. The system allows up to 20
extensions to be included in an attendant group.
Hardware Requirements
Related Programming
FF5-0-01: Attendant Hunt Pilot Number
FF5-0-02: Day 1 Attendant Hunting
FF5-0-03: Day 2 Attendant Hunting
FF5-0-03: Night Attendant Hunt
FF2: Ring Type
The System allows one attendant group for each system mode (Day 1, Day 2, and Night).
An attendant group can contain both real extensions and virtual extensions. If virtual, several
phones can be made to ring at the same time.
Attendant groups can use only Pilot Terminal Hunt Group or Pilot Distributed Hunt Group. For
more information, see "Hunting Groups" on page 49.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Section 700 - Operation


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