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Co Trunk Interface - Ground Start; Co Trunk Interface - Isdn Bri; Co Trunk Interface - Isdn-pri - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

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Section 700 - Operation
The DID Trunk card supports 1 to 4-digit dial-pulse (10 pps) or Dual Tone Multifrequency
(DTMF) signaling.
DID numbers must be between 0 and 9999.

CO Trunk Interface - Ground Start

Ground start trunks are supported in the System with the VB-44511 Loop Start/Ground Start trunk
interface. Each card supplies 8 circuits that can be individually configured for either loop start or
ground start operation.
Ground start trunks are useful in preventing call collision.
Hardware Requirements
When ground start trunks are used, the -48V power supply is required.
Related Programming

CO Trunk Interface - ISDN BRI

The System supports ISDN BRI with the VB-44530 ISDN BRI interface unit. The VB-44530 is a T-
Point ISDN-BRI that supports 2 B (bearer) channels and 1 D (data) channel (2B + D; 192kbps). This
unit connects to an ISDN Data Service Unit (DSU). Point-to-point and point-to-multi operations are
The ISDN-BRI supports enblock setting and enblock setting at the sub-address.
Hardware Requirements
Related Programming
A DSU is required (not available from Panasonic).

CO Trunk Interface - ISDN-PRI

The System supports ISDN-PRI with the VB-44540 ISDN PRI Interface unit. The VB-44540 is a T/S-
Point ISDN-PRI that supports 23 B (bearer) channels and 1 D (data) channel (23B + D; 1544kbps).
This unit connects to an ISDN DSU.
Up to 3 units may be installed in a cabinet if you use full channel (23B + D or 24 B). A maximum of
18 units may be utilized in a fully equipped system. When all 24 channels on a unit are utilized, 3 slot
positions are required.
Hardware Requirements
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Chapter 3. System Features


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