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Set Personal Speed Dial Names - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

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Chapter 4. User Maintenance

Set Personal Speed Dial Names

For a description of Personal Speed Dial (PSD), see "Personal Speed Dial" on page 191 for a Digital
Key Telephone, "Personal Speed Dial" on page 255 for a Digital Single Line Telephone (DSLT), and
"Personal Speed Dial" on page 301 for a Single Line Telephone (SLT).
To set PSD names using either a large-display or small-display phone:
1. If not already in User Maintenance mode, enter User Main-
tenance mode. (See "To enter User Maintenance mode:" on
page 79.)
2. At the 81 level, enter 01.
3. Press the HOLD key.
4. Enter 1.
5. Press the HOLD key.
6. Press the HOLD key.
7. Dial the extension number.
8. Press the HOLD key.
9. Enter the PSD bin number (80-99).
10. Press the HOLD key.
11. Enter the PSD name:
• If using a large-display phone, press the soft key next
to the desired row of letters. (See Example 1 on page
• If using a small-display phone press the appropriate
one-touch key. (See Example 2 on page 84.)
Note: Press the FLASH key to clear any existing data.
12. Use the bottom row of FF keys to select a single letter.
• See Example 1. Large-display phone on page 83.
• See Example 2. Small-display phone on page 84.
• Press the * key to erase a single entry.
• Press the # key to enter a space.
13. Repeat steps 11-12 as many times as necessary to enter the
desired speed dial name.
Note: Press the FLASH key to clear the entire entry.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Section 700 - Operation
User MAINT displays
PSD Assignment displays
PSD Name displays
EXT Number displays
Enter PSD # XXX displays (where
XXX = dialed extension number)
A B C D E F PXX displays (where
PXX = PSD number)


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