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Message Key - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

Feature operation.
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Section 700 - Operation
Press the MCO key that flashes red to answer an outside call.
If you are already on a call appearing on an MCO key and you press another MCO key, a line on
the other MCO key is selected and the first call is dropped.
If a CO key is assigned, the CO Key LED will light when that specific trunk is used instead of
the MCO key LED.
There are five groups of outside lines: 9 and 81-84 (default).
MCO keys cannot be assigned on the DSS/72 or the EM/24.
An MCO key must be assigned in programming mode. The MCO key cannot be assigned by the
end user with FF key assignments.

Message Key

CPC-96, CPC-288, and CPC-576 All Versions
The System supports the MSG key on the VB-44225 large-display phone. This key provides the
following functionality:
Message Wait Callback: If a callback message has been left by another extension, you can
press the MSG key to place an automatic callback to that extension. If more than one callback
message has been received, pressing the MSG key performs auto-callback in the order
Priority Message Wait Callback (One-Touch Voice Mail Access): You can press the MSG
key to automatically access your voice mailbox. The phone will dial your voice mailbox and
send access codes (if programmed) for retrieving new messages.
To automatically call back an extension that left a message or to access Voice Mail:
1. Press the MSG key.
Hardware Requirements
Related Programming
FF8-1: Voice Mail ID Code
The Message lamp lights when a message has been received.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Chapter 5. Key Telephone Features
Automatically call back to extension
Automatic access to Voice Mail


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