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Speed Dial Linking - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

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Chapter 5. Key Telephone Features
The System can be programmed to allow SSD numbers to override toll restrictions.

Speed Dial Linking

You can automatically link together up to 6 SSD numbers in 1 PSD bin to handle telephone numbers
longer than 24 characters. You can then dial the entire number by pressing the programmed PSD key
or by entering the speed dial bin number.
Alternatively, any combination of PSDs and SSDs can be manually linked together by pressing the
keys in the desired sequence. This can be useful for prepending account codes or long distance carrier
access codes, etc.
Note: Before linking multiple SSD numbers to a PSD bin, the SSD bins must already have been
programmed with the appropriate speed dial information.
To link multiple SSD numbers to a PSD bin:
1. Determine the SSD bin numbers to be linked
2. Lift the handset or press the ON/OFF key.
3. (A) Press the PROG key.
(B) Press the AUTO key.
(A) Enter the Speed Dial Set/Clear code (default = 710).
4. Enter the PSD bin number (80-90).
5. Press the AUTO key.
6. Enter the SSD bin number (00-79 or 000-799) that contains
the first part of the number to be dialed.
7. Repeat steps 5-6 up to 5 more times for all additional SSDs
to be dialed.
8. Press the HOLD key when finished.
To use a PSD Key that links multiple SSDs:
1. If necessary, select the trunk group (9, 81-84). (Normally
the trunk is selected by the speed dial numbers.)
2. Press the PSD key.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Section 700 - Operation
Enter Spd Dial displays
Stored PSDXXX displays


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