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Directory Numbers - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

Feature operation.
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Chapter 5. Key Telephone Features
To remove a Busy Tone (Hang up) from an 8-party conference (Version 2.1 and
1. During an conference with more than 3 parties, press
CONF + (n) (where n is the number 1-7 for the conference
parties) to individually select a conference party.
2. If you did not select the conference party that is giving busy
tone, reenter the conference by pressing theCONF key.
3. If you selected the conference party that is giving busy tone,
hang up and then go off-hook again and press the CONF
key to reenter the conference call.
Hardware Requirements
A Conference Card (VB-44120) must be installed in the System in order to conference more than
three parties.
Related Programming
FF1-0-03: Extension COS (8-Party Conference)
FF3: Extension COS
**If all the internal parties hang up, the conference call will be disconnected. If the internal party
remains in the conversation, the conference call remains in progress.
When three parties are conferenced, a built-in 3-party conference circuit is used. If no 3-party
conference circuit is available, a conference cannot be established.
When a fourth party is added, the conference is moved to a conference circuit on the 8-party
conference card. If an 8-party conference circuit is not available, a fourth party cannot be added
to a conference.
Once an 8-party conference circuit is used, it continues to be used as long as the conference
An 8-party conference card supports up to four 8-party conference circuits. However, the card
must be placed in cabinet slots 1, 5, or 9 to support more than one 8-party conference circuit (and
jumpered accordingly).

Directory Numbers

CPC-96, CPC-288, and CPC-576 Version 2.0
A Directory Number (DN) allows extension numbers to be used on a key basis. The same DN may be
assigned to multiple keys on the same telephone and to keys on other telephones.
When a telephone's extension number is assigned to a key on the same telephone, it is considered a
Primary Directory Number (PDN). Up to three appearances of the PDN may be assigned to keys on a
key telephone. This allows for multiple calls on the same DN.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Section 700 - Operation
The other party is placed on hold.
CONF Members: X (where X = 4-7
party conference) displays
CONF Members: Y (where Y = 4-6
party conference) displays


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