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Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual Page 76

Feature operation.
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Chapter 3. System Features
3. Press the DSS/BLF key, dial an extension number or select
the extension from the extension directory on the large dis-
play telephone.
4. Replace the handset or press the RELEASE, ON/OFF, or
PROG key.
Once a call is sent to the voice mail, after the voice mail answers, the system sends the VM Transfer
ID 1 or 2 + the extension number (BLF/DSS, Directory or dialed number).
Hardware RequirementsN/A
Related Programming
FF4 (FF Key Programming): FF Key Assignments
FF1-0-24: Voice Mail Transfer ID Code
The VM/TRF key can be assigned to any key phone, DSS/72 or EM/24. The VM/TRF key
cannot be assigned to a one-touch key.
The VM/TRF key can be used to transfer intercom as well as CO calls to a voice mailbox.
The Voice Mail Transfer ID codes are assigned in the Maintenance Programming section. Up to
ten digits can be stored.
The system responds to key operations during the transfer in the following ways:
• Pressing the FLASH key cancels the VM/TRF and returns intercom dial tone to the
user. When the VM/TRF is cancelled, the incoming call is still connected but is on
• If a valid key (CO key or second DSS key, for example) is pressed, the VM/TRF is
cancelled and the operation invoked by the key is performed.
• If an invalid key (REDIAL, for example) is pressed, the VM/TRF is cancelled, and the
user receives busy tone.
Once VM/TRF is pressed, the user can dial up to 10 digits before completing the transfer.
If a user begins to perform the voice mail transfer and the extension cannot hold a call (one call is
already on non-appearance hold, for example), the system will keep the call in the talk state and
will not allow the voice mail transfer to be initiated.
If the VM/TRF key stores a number other than a voice mail extension number, the system does
not send DSS/BLF information or the extension number that is dialed after pressing VM/TRF.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Section 700 - Operation


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