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Trs Configuration And Operation - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

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Section 700 - Operation
Time List Table
Time List Table is used when the time of day, the day of week or the date affects the desired route. The Time
List Table allows up to 50 patterns to be entered. Each pattern may specify up to five Route List patterns to used
based on the current time of day.
Up to four Time List tables may be used. The referenced time list table is determined by the Special Day Table
or the Day of Week Table. This is useful when rates change for certain days (such as weekend rates versus
weekday rates).
Route List Table
The Route List Table is used when there are multiple route possibilities. Up to 5 possible route table patterns
may be considered in sequential priority when attempting to find an available trunk. Before a route is tried, the
system compares the route ARS to the originator's ARS level. If the route ARS exceeds the originator's ARS,
the call processing will stop and the caller will receive busy tone.
When the call is first presented, the first priority route is tried. If there is no available trunk in the first route and
queuing point is not enabled the system continues to the next priority route, compares the ARS levels and if
acceptable checks for an available trunk. If no trunk is available, it will continue to the next priority trunk, and
so forth until all routes have been attempted.
If an available trunk is found and warning tone is enable, the system will first issue a warning tone to the caller
to allow the caller the opportunity to hang up before using a more expensive trunk.
If the queuing point is enabled, the system will wait for an available trunk (beginning with the first priority
trunk) until the queuing point timer expires before moving to the next possible route.
Route Table
The Route Table provides a simple trunk group selection and selects any digit dialing modification needed.
This table is directly referenced when there is only one route to use. It is also indirectly reference from the
Route List Table.
Digit Modify Table
Once a route is selected, the actual dialed digits can be changed based on the Digit Modify Table. Digits can be
deleted from the beginning of the number (such as removing an unneeded area code), digits can be added to the
beginning of the number (such as adding an area code or equal access number) and digits can be added to the
end of a number.

TRS Configuration and Operation

This section provides the following:
• An overview of the TRS operation.
• An example TRS configuration - This is a simple example intended to introduce TRS planning and
implementation. Example worksheets are included.
• Worksheets for planning and implementing a TRS plan.
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Appendix A. ARS and TRS Operation


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