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Automatic Route Selection - Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual

Feature operation.
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Chapter 3. System Features
Hardware Requirements
See Section 520 - Built-In ACD Reference Manual.
Related Programming
See Section 520 - Built-In ACD Reference Manual.
For more information, see Section 520 - Built-In ACD Reference Manual.

Automatic Route Selection

When Automatic Route Selection (ARS) is enabled, the system follows a preselected route for calls.
Usually the selected routing is the least cost route.
ARS works in conjunction with Toll Restriction Service (TRS). Calls can be denied based on the
programmed TRS level for the originating party. (For more information, see "Ringing Modes" on
page 63.)
Three levels of ARS checking are available based on the dialed number following the ARS
access code:
Direct Route Selection: The simplest form of ARS routing that upon ARS entry
(enter 9) directly selects the trunk group and any dialed number modification.
Route List Selection: A more complex routing that includes up to 5 alternative
levels of route selection and includes TRS level checking.
Time List Selection: The most complex routing that determines the appropriate
route list based upon the day and time.
Forced ARS is available on an Extension Class of Service (COS) basis.
A special day list provides tailored ARS routing for up to 20 holidays, vacation days, etc.
Automatic modification of dialed numbers is available. This includes deleting up to 24 prefix
digits and adding up to a 10-digit prefix and a 10-digit suffix. The modification of dialed
numbers can include pauses, Dual Tone Multifrequency (DTMF) conversion, itemized code
(extension number) and an authorization code. (Itemized code and authorization are not used
in some areas.)
Up to 8 authorization codes are available.
For more information on ARS/TRS, see Appendix A "ARS and TRS Operation" on page 313.
Hardware Requirements
Related Programming
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Section 700 - Operation


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