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Panasonic DBS576 Section 700 Technical Manual Page 185

Feature operation.
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Section 700 - Operation
To transfer a call using OHVA:
1. Press the HOLD key to put the current call on hold.
2. Dial the extension number to which the call is being trans-
3. Enter OHVA feature access code (default = 8) and announce
the call to be transferred.
4. If transfer is:
• Not accepted, retrieve the call by pressing the associ-
ated flashing MCO key (if an appearing call) or by
pressing the HOLD key (if a non appearing call).
• Accepted, and On-hook Transfer is enabled for your
extension, replace the handset or press the ON/OFF
If On-hook Transfer is not enabled for your extension,
press the PROG key (or RELEASE key if using DSS/
To reply to off-hook voice announcement with a text message:
1. Press the MSG key.
2. Enter the Reply Text Message number (1-9, 0). See Table 19
on page 184 for the text message replies.)
To answer a call after it has been announced using the OHVA:
1. Replace the handset.
2. Lift the handset or press the ON/OFF key.
Hardware Requirements
Related Programming
FF1 0 03: Extension COS OHVA Originate
FF1 0 03: Extension COS OHVA Receive
FF3: Extension COS Assignments
FF4: FF Key Assignments
DBS 576 (USA), issued January 1999
Chapter 5. Key Telephone Features
Current call on hold
Busy signal
The text message reply appears on the
camped on telephone display.
Your extension rings


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