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Appendix 1.5 Servo Errors - Mitsubishi Electric Q Series Programming Manual

Motion controller sv22 virtual mode.
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APPENDIX 1.5 Servo errors

If a controller, servo amplifier self-diagnosis error occurs, check the points stated in this manual
and clear the error.
Servo amplifier type
MR-J4- B
MR-J3- B
MR-J3- B-RJ004
MR-J3- B-RJ006
MR-J3- B-RJ080
MR-J3- B Safety
(1) Servo errors (2000 to 2999)
These errors are detected by the servo amplifier, and the error codes are [2000]
to [2999].
The servo error detection signal (M2408+20n) turns on at the servo error
occurrence. Eliminate the error cause, reset the servo amplifier error by turning
on the servo error reset command (M3208+20n) and perform re-start. (The servo
error detection signal does not turn on because the codes [2100] to [2599] are for
(Note-1): As for the regenerative alarm (error code [2030]) or overload 1 or 2
(error codes [2050], [2051]), the state at the operation is held also for
after the protection circuit operation in the servo amplifier. The memory
contents are cleared with the external power supply off, but are not
cleared by the reset signal.
(Note-2): If resetting by turning off the external power supply is repeated at the
occurrence of error code [2030], [2050] or [2051], it may cause devices
to be destroyed by overheating. Re-start operation after eliminating the
cause of the error certainly.
The hexadecimal display of servo amplifier display servo error code
(#8008+20n) is the same as the LED of servo amplifier.
List of servo errors are shown in next page or later.
Refer to the "Servo amplifier Instruction Manual" for details.
SSCNET /H interface MR-J4- B Servo amplifier Instruction Manual (SH-030106)
SSCNET /H interface Multi-axis AC Servo MR-J4W- B Servo amplifier Instruction
Manual (SH-030105)
SSCNET interface MR-J3- B Servo amplifier Instruction Manual (SH-030051)
SSCNET interface 2-axis AC Servo Amplifier MR-J3W- B Servo amplifier Instruction
Manual (SH-030073)
SSCNET Compatible Linear Servo MR-J3- B-RJ004 Instruction Manual (SH-030054)
SSCNET Compatible Fully Closed Loop Control MR-J3- B-RJ006 Servo amplifier
Instruction Manual (SH-030056)
SSCNET interface Direct Drive Servo MR-J3- B-RJ080W Servo amplifier Instruction
Manual (SH-030079)
SSCNET interface Drive Safety integrated MR-J3- B Safety Servo amplifier
Instruction Manual (SH-030084)
: Refer to Section 1.4 for the software version that supports this function.
Instruction manual name
APP - 17


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