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Installing The Instrument; Objectives; Concepts - Philips M3001A Service Manual

M3/m4 monitors,measurement server,measurement server extensions.
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Installing the Instrument


In order to meet this chapter's goals, you should be able to complete the installation of the
Monitor with a Server and an Extension including all of the following tasks:
• Install the Instrument.
• Configure the hardware.
• Perform post-installation checks.
• Connect a printer.
• Connect a local recorder.
• Comply with safety requirements.
As well, you should be able to perform site preparation and assemble any of the following
mounting options:
• Table Mount.
• Universal Bed Hanger.
• Wall Rail.
• Tilt/Swivel Mount.
• Universal Pole Clamp.
• Measurement Server Mounting Plate.
• Infrared Printer Connector.
The appropriate installation procedures are described in this chapter.


The following section contains information that you need to understand before attempting an
installation of an M3046A Monitor, an M3000A/M3001A Measurement Server and, where
present, M3015A/M3016A Measurement Server Extensions.
Line Voltage
Mounting Sur-
face Analysis
Installing the Instrument
The detachable three-wire power cable grounds the Instrument to the power
line ground when plugged into an appropriate three-wire receptacle. This
cable protects both the patient and the hospital staff. Do not use any other
power cable.
Switch-mode power supply automatically selects the necessary line voltage
for the system.
The mounting surface frequently dictates the type of screw to be used when
mounting the equipment. Ability to analyse the mounting surface protects
both the patient and the hospital staff. Do not mount equipment unless the
screws are adequate and safe for the purpose.


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