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Inspecting The Instrument; Inspect Cables And Cords; Inspect Cables, Cords And Housing - Philips M3001A Service Manual

M3/m4 monitors,measurement server,measurement server extensions.
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Inspecting the Instrument

Inspecting the Instrument
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Verify that the backlight tube brightness is adequate. Replace the backlight tube if necessary.
Philips recommends replacement of the backlight tube at the latest after 20 000 hours
(approximately 3 years) of use.

Inspect Cables and Cords

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Examine the exterior of the Measurement Server, if present, the Measurement
Server Extension, and the Monitor for cleanliness and general physical condition.
Ensure that plastic housings are intact, that all hardware is present and tightly-fitted,
and that there are no spilled liquids or other serious abuse.
Inspect Server-to-Monitor link for cleanliness and good condition. Ensure that the
Measurement Server and/or Measurement Server Extension is locked into place and
does not slide out without first releasing the locking plate on the top of the housing.
Ensure all labeling is present and legible.
Inspect all accessories external to the Instrument such as transducers, referring to
the manufacturer's documentation.
Examine the line/power plug for damage. Ensure that the prongs of the plug do not
move in the casing.
Inspect the line/power cord for signs of damage. If damaged, replace the entire cord.
Ensure that any new line/power cord or plug is fitted with the same polarity as the
old one.
Inspect the interconnecting cables between the Measurement Server, the
Measurement Server Extension and the Monitor for general condition. Clean or
replace contacts or housings that are damaged, corroded or dirty. Examine them
carefully to detect breaks in the insulation. Ensure that the cable connectors are
properly engaged.
Inspect the patient cables and leads and their strain reliefs for general condition.
Examine cables carefully to detect breaks in the insulation and to ensure that they
are gripped securely in the connectors of each end to prevent rotation or other strain.
Flex the patient cable near each end to verify that there are no intermittent faults.
Maintaining the Instrument


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