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Philips M3001A Service Manual Page 166

M3/m4 monitors,measurement server,measurement server extensions.
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Preventive Maintenance Tests
Step 4
Step 5
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Step 8
Leakage Check
The leakage check consists of two parts:
• Check of tubing between the pump outlet and the M3015A outlet.
• Check of tubing between the pump inlet and FilterLine inlet.
Check the User's Guide of the flowmeter for details on how to make a correct flow reading.
Part 1
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Part 2
Step 8
Step 9
Select CO
then select Barom.Press. A table of values is activated.
Select the value in the table which matches the reference value received from a
reliable local source (airport, regional weather station or hospital weather station).
The selected value must be within ±10% of the current measured ambient pressure,
otherwise an error message will occur at restarting the Monitor.
Confirm the barometric pressure setting.
Check that the ambient pressure displayed in the status line at the bottom of the
screen is the same as the value which you selected from the list in step 5.
Go into Service Mode and highlight CO
Connect a FilterLine to the sidestream CO
Check the ambient and cell pressure shown in the status line on the screen. The cell
pressure should be approximately 20 mmHg lower than ambient pressure.
Connect the flowmeter outlet to the FilterLine inlet using a flexible connecting tube.
Block the M3015A outlet using your fingertip and observe the flowmeter display.
The value on the flowmeter (x2) should decrease to between 0 and 4 ml/min,
accompanied by an audible increase in pump noise. If the value is within the
tolerance limits, continue with Part 2 of the leakage check.
If the value is outside the tolerance limits, there is a leakage between the pump
outlet and the M3015A gas outlet.
Open the M3015A and check the tubing connections at the pump outlet and the
M3015A gas outlet. If the connections are good, then there is a leakage in the tubing
and the M3015A must be exchanged.
Disconnect the flowmeter from the Part 1 setup and connect the flowmeter inlet to
the M3015A gas outlet.
Leave the Filterline connected to the M3015A inlet.
input to start the pump running.
Testing the Instrument


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