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Philips M3001A Service Manual Page 167

M3/m4 monitors,measurement server,measurement server extensions.
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Step 10 Block the inlet of the FilterLine using your fingertip and observe the flowmeter
Step 11 If the value is not within the tolerance limits, there is a leakage between the
Step 12 Check the FilterLine connections and open the M3015A to check the tubing
Pump Check
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Flow Rate Check and Calibration
Check the flow rate in the sidestream CO
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
If the adjusted flow is not stored within 60 seconds of the adjustment, the old flow setting
will be restored
If the flow cannot be adjusted to within tolerance, the pump should be replaced. If the flow
adjustment still cannot be made, this indicates a fault in the M3015A Measurement
Extension, which must be replaced.
Testing the Instrument
display. The value on the flowmeter (x3) should decrease to between 0 and 4 ml/
min, accompanied by an audible increase in pump noise. (Do not block the inlet for
longer than 25 seconds as this will lead to an "Occlusion" INOP.) If the value is
within the tolerance limits, there are no leakages and the leakage check is
completed; proceed to the Pump Check.
FilterLine inlet and the pump inlet.
connections at the pump inlet and the M3015A gas inlet. If the connections are
good, try replacing the FilterLine and repeating the leakage check. If the situation
remains, there is a leakage in the tubing and the M3015A must be exchanged.
Connect the flowmeter inlet to the M3015A gas outlet.
Connect the FilterLine to the M3015A inlet.
Block the inlet of the FilterLine using your fingertip and observe the cell pressure
on the M3046A display. The cell pressure (x4) should be more than 120 mmHg
below the ambient pressure shown. If the pressure difference is less than 120
mmHg, the pump is not strong enough and should be replaced (irrespective of the
Pump OpTime).
Connect the flowmeter to the CO
Check on the flowmeter the flow that the sidestream CO
(x5). It should be 50 ml/min ± 7.5 ml/min. If the value is within tolerance, proceed
to the CO
Gas calibration check. If the value is not within tolerance, calibrate as
Adjust the flow in the Instrument by selecting "Increase Flow" or "Decrease Flow"
until it is as close as possible to 50 ml per minute as indicated on the flowmeter
When you are satisfied that the flow is set as close as possible to 50 ml per minute,
select "Store Flow" and confirm the setting.
Preventive Maintenance Tests
Extension as follows:
Extension Pump draws


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