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KORG TR Parameter Manual: Global Mode; Global Page Menu; Global 1.1: System; 1: Basic

Music workstation.
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In Global mode you can make settings that affect the entire
instrument, such as master tuning, MIDI, and memory pro-
tect. You can also edit user scales, drum kit setups, and user
arpeggio patterns.
If you want the settings you make in Global mode to be
backed up when the power is turned off, you must
write them into memory. To write your settings, use the
Utility "Write Global Setting," "Write Drum Kits," or
"Write Arpeggio Patterns."
By pressing the [REC/WRITE] key, you can access
"Update Global Setting," "Update Drum Kits," and
"Update Arpeggio Patterns." These commands will
simultaneously write the edited content..


For details on selecting pages and parameters, refer to Pro-
gram mode "PROGRAM PAGE MENU" p.1.
1.1: System
Basic settings for the entire TR, and
controller settings such as the pedals
connected to the rear panel. AUDIO
INPUT settings used outside of Sam-
pling mode when the separately sold
EXB-SMPL option is installed. (☞p.123)
2.1: MIDI
MIDI settings for this instrument.
U.Scl 3.1: User Scale
Scale settings created by the user. You
can specify 16 types of octave scale,
and one full-range scale. (☞p.132)
U.Cat 4.1: Category Name Edit category names for programs and
combinations. (☞p.133)
5.1: DKit
Edit drum kits. (☞p.134)
6.1: Arp.Pattern
Edit user arpeggio patterns. (☞p.137)

5. Global mode

1.1–1: Basic
If the EXB-SMPL (sold separately) option is installed, the
1.1–4: AudioIn (Audio In) page will be added.
1.1–1a: Basic
Master Tune (Master Tune [Cent])
This adjusts the overall tuning of this instrument in one-cent
units (semitone = 100 cents) over a range of ±50 cents. With a
setting of 0, the frequency of A4 will be 440 Hz.
Key Transpose
his adjusts the pitch in semitone steps over a ±1 octave
This setting is applied at the location (PreMIDI or Post-
MIDI) specified by "Convert Position" (2.1–1a).

GLOBAL 1.1: System

[–50cent (427.47Hz)...+50cent (452.89Hz)]
The A4 pitch given here is when Equal Temperament is
selected as the scale. If a different scale is selected, A4
may not be 440 Hz.
Note number transmitted
Note number
"Master Tune" can be controlled by the MIDI universal
system exclusive message Master Fine Tuning (F0, 7F,
nn, 04, 03, vv, mm, F7: nn=MIDI channel, vv/mm=
"Key Transpose" can be controlled by the MIDI univer-
sal system exclusive message Master Coarse Tuning
(F0, 7F, nn, 04, 04, vv, mm, F7: nn=MIDI channel, vv/
These messages are received on the global MIDI chan-
nel specified by "MIDI Channel" (2.1–1a).
In Program, Combination and Sequencer modes, MIDI
RPN fine tuning messages can be received to adjust the
tuning of the program, the timbres (in Combination
mode), or the tracks (in Sequencer mode) relative to the
Global mode "Master Tune" setting.
In Program mode, MIDI RPN fine tune messages will
be received on the global MIDI channel that you speci-
fied for "MIDI Channel" (2.1–1a). In other modes, MIDI


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