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KORG TR Parameter Manual: 5: Zone (scan Zone); Seq 7.1: Insert Fx; 1: Bus

Music workstation.
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6.1–5: Zone
(Scan Zone)
Specifies the range of notes and velocities that will trigger
each arpeggiator A and B.
6.1–5a: Scan Zone A/B
Zone Map
This shows the "Scan Zone" settings for arpeggiators A and
B ( ☞ COMBI 6.1–4a).
A: Key
Btm (A-Bottom Key)
Top (A-Top Key)
Specifies the range of notes (keys) that will trigger arpeggia-
tor A. "Top" is the upper limit, and "Btm" is the lower limit.
A: Vel (Velocity)
Btm (A-Bottom Velocity)
Top (A-Top Velocity)
Specifies the range of velocities that will trigger arpeggiator
A. "Top" is the upper limit, and "Btm" is the lower limit.
B: Key
Btm (B-Bottom Key)
Top (B-Top Key)
B: Vel (Velocity)
Btm (B-Bottom Velocity)
Top (B-Top Velocity)
Specifies the range of notes (keys) and velocities that will
trigger arpeggiator B ( ☞ "A: Key," "A: Vel").
The value of these parameters can also be input by
holding down the [ENTER] key and playing a note on
the keyboard.
■ 6.1–5b: UTILITY
☞"Memory Status," "Rename Song," "Delete Song," "Copy
From Song," "Copy From Combi" (1.1–1d), "Copy Arpeg-
giator" (COMBI 6.1–1c), "FF/REW Speed ," "Set Loca-
tion" (1.1–1d)
☞For details on insert effects, refer to p.159 "7. Effect
7.1–1: BUS..8
7.1–2: BUS..16
Specifies the bus to which the program oscillator(s) of each
track 1–8, 9–16 will be sent. You can also set the amount of
signal that will be sent to the master effects.
7.1–1(2)a: BUS Select, Send1(MFX1), Send2(MFX2)
BUS Select
Specifies the output bus for the program oscillators of tracks
1–8 and 9–16.
The state of the settings can be viewed in the Setup page.
( ☞ COMBI 7.1–1a)
S1 (Send1(MFX1))
S2 (Send2(MFX2))
Here you can adjust the send levels from tracks 1–8, 9–16 to
master effects 1 and 2. This is valid when "BUS Select" is set
either to L/R or Off. If IFX is selected, the send level to the
master effects 1 and 2 is set by the ("S1 (Send1(MFX1))" and
"S2 (Send2(MFX2))" parameters located in the Setup page,
after the signal passes through IFX.
These settings have no effect if "BUS Select" is set to 1, 2 or
The send 1 and 2 settings you make here will be used when
the song is played or recorded from the beginning. If you
change the settings while recording, the change will be
recorded as part of the musical data, and the send amount
will change when the data is played back. You can also
change these settings during playback. However if send 1
and 2 data has been recorded, the settings will change
If "Status" (3.1–1(2)a) is either INT or BTH, CC#93 and
#91 can be received to control send 1 and 2 respectively
and change their settings. When you switch songs or
return to the beginning of a song, tracks whose "Status"
is EXT, EX2 or BTH will transmit these settings via
MIDI. This data will be transmitted on the MIDI chan-
nel of each track as set by "MIDI Channel" (3.1–1(2)a).
The actual send level is determined by summing the
value of these parameters with the send level settings of
the oscillator(s) of the program used by the track ("S1
(Send1(MFX1))" and "S2 (Send2(MFX2))" PROG 7.1–

SEQ 7.1: Insert FX

(BUS T01...08)
(BUS T09...16)
[DKit, L/R, IFX, 1, 2, 1/2, Off]


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