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KORG TR Parameter Manual: Sequencer Mode; Seq Page Menu

Music workstation.
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In Sequencer mode you can use the built-in 16-track
sequencer to play, record and edit songs. You can also record
and play patterns, make settings for the RPPR (Realtime Pat-
tern Play Recording) function, play songs that use the arpeg-
giators, record patterns, and create Cue Lists to playback
multiple songs consecutively.
If the EXB-SMPL option (sold separately) is installed,
executing the Sampling mode "Time Slice" command
(SMPL 3.1–2e) will divide the sample and will at the
same time create song performance data for these
divided samples. You can then freely re-create the origi-
nal rhythm loop in various ways; for example you can
change the song tempo in Sequencer mode to play the
rhythm loop at a different tempo without changing the
pitch, or you can edit the sequence data to change the
note numbers or timing.
These settings and any song data you have recorded are
not backed up when the power is turned off. Before
turning off the power, be sure to save important data on
an SD card or a data filer.
Immediately after the power is turned on, memory will
not contain any song data, so in order to playback the
sequencer, you will need to load data from the SD card,
or receive a MIDI bulk data dump from an external
MIDI sequencer (☞p.132).

3. Sequencer mode


For details on how to select pages in Sequencer mode, refer
to p.1.
1.1: Play/REC
Make settings for song playback/record-
ing, select a program for track, and make
pan and level settings. (☞p.50)
1.2: Loop
Make settings for track play loop function.
2.1: Cue List
Play, create, and make settings for cue
lists. (☞p.58)
2.2: Controller
Controller settings. (☞p.62)
3.1: Param1
MIDI, OSC, and pitch settings for each
track. (☞p.62)
3.2: Param2
Delay and scale settings for each track.
3.3: Key Zone
Key zone settings for each track. (☞p.65)
3.4: Vel Zone
Velocity zone settings for each track.
MIDI1 4.1: MIDI Filter1
MIDI message transmission/reception fil-
ter settings for each track: Prog Change,
After Touch etc. (☞p.67)
MIDI2 4.2: MIDI Filter2
Filter settings: JS, Ribbon Ctrl etc. (☞p.68)
MIDI3 4.3: MIDI Filter3
Filter settings: REALTIME CONTROL
Knob (☞p.68)
MIDI4 4.4: MIDI Filter4
Filter settings: SW, Other Ctrl Change
Pattern recording and editing. Pattern
name settings. RPPR settings. (☞p.69)
5.2: Track Edit
Edit track playback data. Specify track
names. (☞p.74)
6.1: Arp.
Arpeggiator settings. (☞p.82)
7.1: Insert FX
Set BUS and master effect send level for
each track.
Insert effect routing, selection, and set-
tings. (☞p.84)
7.2: Master FX
Master effect selection and settings. Mas-
ter EQ settings. (☞p.86)


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