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KORG TR Parameter Manual: 3: Pref. (preference); Smpl 5.1: Memory; 1: Memory (free Memory); 2: No. (free Number)

Music workstation.
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120. If "Beat" is set to 2, the display would indicate "Cur-
rent BPM" as 60.
It is not possible for this display to exceed the range of
5 In "New BPM," specify the BPM value that will result
from the conversion of the "Current BPM" value.
6 To execute the Pitch BPM Adjust command, press the
[F8] ("OK") key. To cancel, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
When you execute this command, the "Pitch" (4.1–2a)
value will be set automatically. For example if you mod-
ify a quarter-note 120 BPM sample to 240 BPM, the
"Pitch" will be set to +12.00.
This calculation is performed within the TR's limits of
precision. Minor discrepancies may occur in the final
BPM calculation.
4.1–3: Pref.
4.1–3a: Create Zone Preference
Here you can specify the default settings for indices that are
created using "CREATE" (4.1–1c, 1.1–1c). New indexes will
be created according the settings you specify here. You are
free to modify the settings of an index later. Also, when you
execute "INSERT" (4.1–1c), the "Position" setting specified
here will be used ( ☞ 1.1–3b).
Range (Zone Range)
Orig.K Position (Original Key Position)
( ☞ 1.1–3b: However, the parameter name and value name
are shown differently.)
■ 4.1–3b: UTILITY
☞"Delete SMPL," "Copy SMPL," "Move SMPL," "Rename
SMPL," "SMPL To Stereo," "Delete MS," "Copy MS,"
"Move MS," "Rename MS," "MS To Stereo/MS To
Mono," "Conv. To Prog," "Keyboard Disp." (1.1–3f),
"Pitch BPM Adj." (4.1–2b)
[Right, Left]
[Bottom, Center, Top]

SMPL 5.1: Memory

5.1–1: Memory
(Free Memory)
5.1–1a: Free Memory
This shows the remaining amount of memory (the time
available for sampling, the size of the sample files that can
be loaded in Media mode, or the size available for editing)
in RAM banks 1–4. The amount is shown in seconds, bytes,
and a percentage (%). The display will depend on the
amount of memory that is installed ( ☞ "Bank" 1.1–2a).
■ 5.1–1b: UTILITY
☞"Delete SMPL," "Delete MS" (1.1–3f)
5.1–2: No.
(Free Number)
5.1–2a: Free Number
This shows the maximum number of samples available in
Sampling mode for multisamples and samples. The remain-
ing number is also shown as a percentage (%) of the maxi-
[0000...0999/1000 000...099%]
[0000...4000/4000 000...100%]
Sample in MS
[0000...3999/4000 000...099%]
■ 5.1–2b: UTILITY
☞"Delete SMPL," "Delete MS" (1.1–3f)


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