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Music workstation.
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Load Template Song
This command loads a template song as a song.
The built-in sequencer contains sixteen different preset tem-
plate songs (P00–15) that contain preset settings for pro-
grams and effects appropriate for various musical styles.
You are also free to create your own favorite settings for pro-
grams, track parameters, and effects, and save them as one
of sixteen user template songs (U00–15) ( ☞ "Save as User
Template Song").
1 Select "Load Template Song" to access the dialog box.
2 In "From," specify the template song that you wish to
3 If you check "Copy Pattern to Track too?," the "Copy
Pattern To Track" dialog box will appear automatically
after "Load Template Song" has been executed.
If you execute without checking this, only the template
song you specified in step 2 will be loaded.
4 To load the template song, press the [F8] ("OK") key. To
cancel without loading, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
When you execute, song settings other than Play Loop
and RPPR will be copied.
If in step 3 you checked "Copy Pattern to Track too?"
and pressed the [F8] ("OK") key, the "Copy Pattern To
Track" dialog box will appear.
This dialog box is the same as in 5.1: RPPR, Pattern page,
utility menu command "Copy To Track" (☞p.72).
5 In "Pattern," select the pattern that you wish to copy. If
you press the [START/STOP] key, the selected pattern
will play.
In To "Track," select the copy destination track.
In "Measure," specify the beginning measure of the copy
Preset Template Song
Track No.: Name
P00: Pop/Ballade
Track01: Drums
P01: Rock/Metal Rock
Track01: Drums
P02: R & B
Track01: Drums 1(Std 2)
Track09: Drums 2(Std)
P03: Jazz
Track01: Drums
P04: Latin
Track01: Drums
Track08: Percussion
P05: Reggae
Track01: Drums
P06: Country
Track01: Drums
P07: Folk
Track01: Drums
P08: European Trad.
Track01: Drums
Track08: Percussion
P09: Orchestral
Track01: Percussion
P10: Techno/Euro Beat
Track01: Drums
P11: House
Track01: Drums
P12: Drum'n'Bass
Track01: Drums
P13: Acid Jazz
Track01: Drums
P14: Hip Hop/Rap
Track01: Drums
P15: Big Beats
Track01: Drums 1(Hip/Hop)
Track09: Drums 2(Tricky)
Track 1 of all sixteen preset template songs contains a
drum category program. (In preset template songs P02,
P04, P08, and P15 drum category programs are speci-
fied for multiple tracks.)
The pattern names of the 150 preset patterns indicate
the musical genre and part of the optimal drum cate-
gory program. ( ☞ The table in the previous page)
For example in P00: Pop&Balad 1/Std, the musical
genre is "Pop&Balad 1," and "Std" is part of the name
of the drum category program that is most suitable.
By loading the drum track for these preset template
songs and the corresponding preset patterns, you can
efficiently set up a drum track that is suited to each pre-
set template song.
6 To execute, press the [F6] ("Copy") key. When you exe-
cute, "Measure" will count up automatically. You may
then copy patterns as well. To exit the command, press
the [F7] ("Exit") key.
Load preset template song P00: Pop/Ballade together
with preset pattern P01: Pop&Balad 2/Std into song
1 Select "Load Template Song" to access this dialog box.
2 In "From," select P00: Pop/Ballade.
3 Check "Copy Pattern to Track too?"
4 Press the [F8] ("OK") key to access the "Copy Pattern To
Track" dialog box.
5 Set "Pattern" to Preset to select preset patterns, and
select one of the patterns P00: Pop&Balad 1/Std–
P07: Pop&Balad 8/Std for the pattern name. (Preset tem-
plate song P00: Pop/Ballade specifies program A020:
Standard Kit 1 for track 1.) If you wish to play the
selected pattern, press the [START/STOP] key. If you
wish to adjust the tempo, use the [TEMPO] knob.
For this example, select P01: Pop&Balad 2/Std.
6 Set To:"Track" to 01, and "Measure" to 001.
7 Press the [F6] ("Copy") key once. The eight-measure pre-
set pattern P01: Pop&Balad 2/Std has now been copied
to the song. "Measure" will count-up automatically.
By repeating steps 5 and 7 you can continue to copy
other patterns. When you press the [F7] ("Exit") key, the
dialog box will close.
Corresponding Preset Pattern No.:Name
A020:Standard Kit 1
P00: Pop&Balad 1/Std
D020:Processed Kit
P11: Rock 1/Process
B020:Standard Kit 2
P22: R&B 1/Std2
A020:Standard Kit1
P28: R&B 7/Std
C020:Jazz/Brush Kits
P33: Jazz 1/Jazz
C020:Jazz/Brush Kits
P40: Latin 1/Jazz
P46: Latin 7/Jazz
C100:Percussion Kit
P43: Latin 4/Perc
B084:Drum'nBass Kit
P48: Reggae 1/D'n'B
A020:Standard Kit 1
P54: Country 1/Std
A020:Standard Kit 1
P58: Folk 1/Std
A020:Standard Kit 1
P62: E.Trad 1/Std
C100:Percussion Kit
C004:House Kit
P68: Techno 1/House
C004:House Kit
P79: House 1/House
B084:Drum'n'Bass Kit
P93: Drum'nBs 1/D'n'B
B020:Standard Kit 2
P109: AcidJazz 1/Std2
B004:HipHop Kit
P121: HipHop 1/HipHop
B004:HipHop Kit
P136: Bigbeat 1/HipHop
A100:! {Tricky} Kit!
P144: Bigbeat 9/Tricky
... P10: Pop(6/8) 3/Std
... P21: Rock11/Process
... P27: R&B 6/Std2
... P32: R&B11/Std
... P39: Jazz 7/Jazz
... P42: Latin 3/Jazz
... P47: Latin 8/Jazz
... P45: Latin 6/Perc
... P53: Reggae 6/D'n'B
... P57: Country 4/Std
... P61: Folk 4/Std
... P67: E.Trad(3/4)2/Std
... P78: Techno11/House
... P92: House14/House
... P108: Drum'nBs16/D'n'B
... P120: AcidJazz12/Std2
... P135: HipHop15/HipHop
... P143: Bigbeat 8/HipHop
... P149: Bigbeat14/Tricky


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