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KORG TR Parameter Manual Page 163

Music workstation.
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Create Directory
This command creates a new directory within the current
1 Select "Create Directory" to access the following dialog
2 Use the [F5] ("Name") key to access the text dialog box,
and specify the name of the new directory (☞OG p.44).
3 To create the directory, press the [F8] ("OK") key. To can-
cel without creating the directory, press the [F7] ("Can-
cel") key.
Set Date/Time
This command sets the date and time that will be used to
time-stamp files that are saved.
1 Select "Set Date/Time" to access the following dialog
2 Set each parameter.
"Month" 1–12
"Minute" 0–59
"Second" 0–59 (only even-numbered second values will
be assigned to a file)
3 To set the date and time, press the [F8] ("OK") key. To
cancel, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
The seconds ("Second") will not be displayed in the
directory window.
This command formats the selected media, such as an SD
card or external SCSI device (if the EXB-SMPL option has
been installed). The volume label (a name for the entire
media) you specify will be assigned to the media. The vol-
ume label you assign here will be displayed in "Media
Select" (1.1–1c). The volume label can be a maximum of
eleven characters.
When you format, all data saved on that media will be
erased. Be sure to double-check before you format.
After formatting, it is not possible to press the [COM-
PARE] key to return to the previous state.
1 To format an SD card, insert the SD card to be formatted
into the SD card slot.
2 In "Media Select" (1.1–1c), select the media that you wish
to format. (If no external SCSI device is connected via the
EXB-SMPL option, ignore this step.)
3 Select "Format" to access the following dialog box.
4 Press the [F5] ("Name") key to move to the text dialog
box, and specify the "Volume Label" (☞OG p.44).
When the dialog box appears, "Volume Label" will show
the volume label that had been specified before format-
ting. If a media that has no volume label or a non-DOS
media is inserted, this will indicate "NEW VOLUME."
5 Specify the initialization format. Normally you should
use Quick Format to initialize the media, and use Full
Format if an error message of "Media not Formatted"
Quick Format: Selects this if the media has already been
physically formatted. Since only the system area of the
media need be formatted, this will require less time.
Full Format: Selects this when formatting media that has
not been physically formatted. You should also select this
type of formatting if writing errors occur frequently with
this media.
It is not necessary to perform a Full Format on SCSI
media that has been physically formatted at 512 bytes/
block. Perform the Quick Format for such media.
The TR cannot format media with a format of other than
512 bytes/block (such as 640 MB, 1.3 GB MO disks etc.).
6 To format the media, press the [F8] ("OK") key. To cancel
without formatting, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
A maximum of 4 GB can be formatted on an external
SCSI device connected via the EXB-SMPL (sold sepa-


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