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Korg TRITON taktile Parameter Manual

Usb controller keyboard/synthesizer.
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   Summary of Contents for Korg TRITON taktile

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents TRITON taktile Sound Source Param- Types of Parameters ........ 3 eters ..........17 How to Set Up Parameters ...... 4 Program Parameter Types ......17 Performance screen and settings Appendix ..........18 screen ..........4 Troubleshooting ......18 How to use the performance screen 4 How to use the settings screen..

  • Page 3: Types Of Parameters

    Scene parameters These parameters determine the behavior when you use a controller on the taktile/TRITON taktile. It is possible to save 16 scene parameters into the taktile/TRITON taktile. Having prepared the settings for each of your applications, you can select and use them in an in- stant.

  • Page 4: How To Set Up Parameters

    How to Set Up Parameters Performance screen and settings screen There are two types of screens in the taktile/TRITON taktile: the performance screen that is used during your performance and the settings screen where you set up the taktile/TRITON taktile in detail.

  • Page 5: How To Use The Settings Screen

    How to use the settings screen The settings screen allows you to set up detailed scene parameters and global parameters. Setting the controllers Set the MIDI messages to be output by the controllers, such as the knobs and sliders on this unit. 1. Press the SETTING button on the Performance screen to display the setting screen for scene parameters.

  • Page 6: Saving The Settings

    The scene parameters will be saved and you will be taken to the performance screen automati- cally. While the writing screen is displayed, do not turn off the power of the taktile/TRITON taktile. Global parameters When you exit the settings screen by pressing the EXIT button, the global parameters will be saved automatically.

  • Page 7: Details Of Parameters

    25, 16) trigger pads for each scene. For example, you can assign drum sounds to bank A and percussion sounds to bank B, or use both A and B for up to 32 (for the taktile/TRITON taktile 25, 16) sample triggers.

  • Page 8: Parameters Related To The Arpeggiator

    TIP The range varies with the selected Scale. Parameters related to the arpeggiator The arpeggiator of the taktile/TRITON taktile contains many patterns. Just by using the keyboard, the trigger pad or the touchpad, you can add richness to your performance with the arpeggiator.

  • Page 9: Parameters Related To The Sliders, Knobs, F1-f8 Buttons And Transport Buttons

    Arp Range ....................[1 oct...4 oct] This parameter specifies the range for arpeggios in octave steps. Arp Key Sync ....................[Off, On] This parameter specifies whether the arpeggiator will be synchronized with the keyboard, the trigger pad or the touchpad when notes are sounded. Sync is off.

  • Page 10: Parameters Related To The Track Pad Mode

    This mode optimizes the controller to the specified DAW software. The behavior of sliders, knobs, and buttons will be mapped for the specified DAW software. TIP When using the unit with GarageBand/Logic, please download the taktile/TRITON taktile Con- trol Surface plug-in for GarageBand/Logic from the Korg website (, and set it up following the steps in the supplied document.

  • Page 11

    Behavior ................. [Momentary, Toggle] Choose the behavior of a button, trigger pad or a pedal switch from the following two types. Momentary When the Assign Type is “Note C-1 to G9,” a note-on message will be transmitted when you press a but- ton, trigger pad or a pedal switch, and a note-off message will be transmitted when you release it.

  • Page 12: Parameter List

    Parameter List Controller Parameter Name Range of Parameter Cubase, DP, GarageBand, Live, Logic, Pro Tools, SO- Target DAW NAR, CONTROL MIDI Channel 1...16, Global Keyboard Arpeggiator Enable Disable, Enable Chord Scale MIDI Channel 1...16, Global Assign Type No Assign, CC, After Touch CC No.

  • Page 13

    * DAW Function Play Play Stop Stop Rewind Rewind Forward Forward Record Record Cycle Cycle Marker Set Assigns a marke. Previous Marker, Move to the previous or the next marker. You will usually assign one button to Previous Marker Next Marker and another button to Next Marker in a set.

  • Page 14: Global Parameters

    Global parameters Velocity Keyboard Velocity Curve ........... [Velocity Curve 1...8, Const] This parameter specifies how the volume will change in response to the force used when you play the keyboard. Choose one of the eight velocity curves, or set the constant value. Heavy This curve requires you to play strongly in order toproduce an effect.

  • Page 15: Midi Setup

    TIP The TRITON taktile does not have a MIDI IN jack. Controller When you use a controller on the taktile/TRITON taktile, MIDI messages will be transmitted to the USB connector and the MIDI OUT connector. The MIDI IN connector is used for receiving MIDI messages such as MIDI clock.

  • Page 16: Trackpad

    Trackpad Tap Click ...................... [On, Off] This parameter specifies whether the touchpad will function as a mouse click when you tap it in trackpad mode. Scroll Direction ................[Normal, Reverse] This parameter specifies the scroll direction when you use the touchpad in trackpad mode with your two fingers.

  • Page 17: Triton Taktile Sound Source Parameters

    TRITON taktile Sound Source Parameters Program Parameter Types When the SOUND button is turned on, the following parameters are assigned to sliders and knobs (for TRITON taktile-25, sliders only): Slider Parameter Range Function VOLUME 0...127 Adjust Program Master Volume CUTOFF 0...127...

  • Page 18: Appendix

    The power will not turn on. → If you connect the taktile/TRITON taktile to your computer via a USB hub, it may not power on due to insufficient power. In that case, you should directly connect the taktile/TRITON taktile to the USB connector on your computer without using a USB hub.

  • Page 19: No Midi Messages Are Transmitted From The Midi Out Connector

    → Please check whether the MIDI Routing in the global parameters is set up correctly. To transmit the output of the taktile/TRITON taktile to external MIDI equipment, please choose “Controller In/Out.” To transmit the MIDI messages from your computer to external MIDI equip- ment, please choose “USB-MIDI Interface.”...

  • Page 20: Scale List

    Scale List Display Scale Name Scale [Key C] 1 Chromatic Chromatic C, C , D, D , E, F, F , G, G , A, A , B 2 lonian Ionian C, D, E, F, G, A, B 3 Dorian Dorian C, D, D , F, G, A, A 4 Phrygian...

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