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KORG TR Parameter Manual: 2: Pref. (system Preference)

Music workstation.
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If you turn on the power while holding down the
[MENU] key and [EXIT] key, the "Load All (Preload
PCG and Demo Songs)" operation will be executed
automatically (the LCD will display a message of "Now
Writing Internal Memory"), and all PCG data and
demo song data will be loaded.
Change all bank references
This command changes all program banks specified for tim-
bres in combinations or tracks of songs.
1 Select "Change all bank references" to access the dialog
2 To execute this command for combinations, check
"Combi." To execute this command for songs, check
"Song." If you check "Song," the program banks within
the event data of the multis will also be changed.
3 Specify the banks to be changed ("Program Bank").
4 To execute the Change All Bank References command,
press the [F8] ("OK") key. To cancel without executing,
press [F7] ("Cancel") key.
If you change two or more different banks to the same
bank, it will not be possible to use this function to
change them back to different banks. Be careful that the
change destination banks do not overlap.
Half Damper Calibration
If a damper pedal that supports half damper (the separately
sold DS–1H option) is connected to the rear panel DAMPER
jack, here's how you can adjust the sensitivity if the damper
effect is not applied appropriately.
1 Connect the half damper pedal to the DAMPER jack.
2 Select "Half Damper Calibration" to access the dialog
3 Press the half damper pedal, and then release the pedal.
4 Press the F8 ("Done") key.
If the adjustment could not be performed correctly, an
error message will appear. Please repeat the procedure.
Since the operation of the half damper pedal is delicate,
please use the separately sold DS–1H option. If any
other pedal is used, the correct effect may not be
obtained, or adjustment may not be possible.
After Touch Calibration
If the aftertouch effect depth does not function appropri-
ately, you can adjust the sensitivity. Perform the following
adjustment if the sensitivity of the aftertouch effect is not
correct, such as when aftertouch fails to reach the maximum
1 Select "After Touch Calibration" to access the dialog box.
2 Press down a single key for which the aftertouch effect
depth does not correctly, and then release it.
3 Press the F8 ("Done") key. If the adjustment could not be
performed correctly, an error message will appear, so
please repeat the operation.
The depth of the aftertouch effect may differ slightly
from key to key.
1.1–2: Pref.
(System Preference)
1.1–2a: System Preference
Bank Map
Specifies the mapping of programs and combinations rela-
tive to Bank Select control change messages (CC#0 upper
byte and CC#32 lower byte).
The bank select messages shown in the following table can
be received (R) or transmitted (T), corresponding to Pro-
gram banks A...D, banks G, g(d) and Combination banks
Bank Map: KORG
Bank A
00. 00 R/T
Bank B
00. 01 R/T
Bank C
00. 02 R/T
Bank D
00. 03 R/T
Bank G
121. 00, 121. 01...09 R/T
56. 00 R
Bank g (d)
120. 00 R/T
62. 00 R
Value: decimal, R: Receive, T: Transmit
Power On Mode
Specifies the condition at power-on.
Reset: This instrument will be in Combination mode
COMBI 1.1: Play, and Combination A000 will be selected.
Memorize: The location (mode and page) where you were
when the power was last turned off, and the last-selected
program or combination number will be selected.
The contents of any parameters that were being edited
are not saved by this function. Before turning the power
off, you must Write your edits, or after writing save
them in Media mode.
Bank Map: GM
63. 00 R/T
63. 01 R/T
63. 02 R/T
63. 03 R/T
121. 00, 121. 01...09 R/T
56. 00 R
00. 00, 00. 01...(XG) R
00. 00, 01. 00...(GS) R
120. 00 R/T
62. 00 R
63. 127 R (→Korg MUTE)
[Reset, Memorize]


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