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KORG TR Parameter Manual: 2: Mfx 1 (master Effect1); 3: Mfx 2 (master Effect2); 4: Meq (master Eq)

Music workstation.
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3 Select the effect that you wish to copy. If you select MFX
1 or 2, "Rtn (Return)" (return level) will be copied at the
same time. If you select Master EQ, only the master EQ
settings will be copied. You can also copy from an insert
effect. If you check "All," all settings of the master effects
and master EQ will be copied.
If you copy from an insert effect the result may not be
identical, due to differences in routing and level set-
4 In "To," select the copy destination master effect.
5 To execute the Copy Master Effect command, press the
[F8] ("OK") key. To cancel, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
Swap Master Effect
This command swaps (exchanges) the settings of MFX1 and
1 Select "Swap Master Effect" to access the dialog box.
2 To execute the Swap Master Effect command, press the
[F8] ("OK") key. To cancel, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
Select by Category
Selects master effects by category.
For the procedure, refer to "Select by Category" (☞p.2).
This command is valid when the 7.2–1a parameters are
7.2–2: MFX 1
(Master Effect1)
7.2–3: MFX 2
(Master Effect2)
Indicates effect parameter settings for the MFX1 and 2
effects that were selected in the Setup page (☞p.168–).
Effect dynamic modulation (Dmod) is controlled on the
global MIDI channel "MIDI Channel" (GLOBAL 2.1–
1a). (☞p.221 "Dynamic Modulation Source (Dmod)")
■ 7.2–2(3)a: UTILITY
☞"Write Program" (1.1–1c)
7.2–4: MEQ
(Master EQ)
The master EQ is a three-band stereo EQ. It is used to adjust
the overall tonality of the sound immediately before the L/R
bus is output to the AUDIO OUTPUT (MAIN OUT) L/
MONO and R jacks (☞p.213). The MEQ High Gain and the
MEQ Low Gain can be controlled by assigning a modualtion
source to the "Low Gain Mod-Src." and "High Gain Mod-
src." functions on this page.
■ 7.2–4a: UTILITY
☞"Write Program" (1.1–1c)


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