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KORG TR Parameter Manual: 4: Zone (scan Zone); Combi 7.1: Ed-insertfx; 1: Bus

Music workstation.
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6.1–4: Zone
(Scan Zone)
These settings specify the note and velocity ranges that will
operate arpeggiators A and B.
6.1–4a: Scan Zone A/B
Zone Map
This shows the "Scan Zone" for each arpeggiator, A and B.
Key zone of arpeggiator B
Key zone of arpeggiator A
Velocity zone of
arpeggiator A
A: Key
Btm (A-Bottom Key)
Top (A-Top Key)
Specifies the range of notes (keys) that will operate arpeg-
giator A. "Top" specifies the upper limit, and "Btm" speci-
fies the lower limit.
A: Vel (Velocity)
Btm (A-Bottom Velocity)
Top (A-Top Velocity)
Specifies the range of velocities that will operate arpeggiator
A. "Top" specifies the upper limit, and "Btm" specifies the
lower limit.
B: Key
Btm (B-Bottom Key)
Top (B-Top Key)
B: Vel (Velocity)
Btm (B-Bottom Velocity)
Top (B-Top Velocity)
Specify the range of notes (keys) and velocities that will
operate arpeggiator B ( ☞ "A: Key," "A: Vel").
The values of these parameters can also be entered by
playing a note on the keyboard while you hold down
the [ENTER] key.
■ 6.1–4b: UTILITY
☞"Write Combination," "Solo Selected Timbre" (1.1–1c),
"Copy Arpeggiator" (6.1–1c)
COMBI 7.1: Ed–InsertFX
☞For details on insertion effects, refer to p.159 "7. Effect
7.1–1: BUS
7.1–1a: BUS Select, Send1(MFX1), Send2(MFX2)
Here you can specify the output bus for each timbre 1–8.
Velocity zone of
arpeggiator B
You can also specify the send level to the master effects.
BUS Select
Specifies the output bus for the program oscillator of each
timbre 1–8. The current setting status can be viewed in the
7.1–2c: Routing Map.
DKit: This can be selected only if the program for which set-
tings are being made is a drum program "Mode (Oscillator
Mode) Drums" (PROG 2.1–1a). With a setting of DKit, the
"BUS Select" (GLOBAL 5.1–3a) setting made for each key of
the drum kit will be used.
For example if you have made "BUS Select" settings for each
key of a drum kit so that the Snare sounds are sent to IFX
and the other sounds are sent to L/R, selecting Dkit will
send the Snare sounds to IFX and the other sounds to L/R. If
you want to re-specify these routings, use Utility "DKit IFX
Patch" (7.1–1b).
If this is set to 1/2, the programs of timbres 1–8 will be
sent in stereo from AUDIO OUTPUT (INDIVIDUAL)
1/2. If the pan of the program oscillator is controlled by
MIDI control change #10 (pan) or AMS (Alternate Mod-
ulation Source), the sound will be output with the pan
setting that is in effect at the moment of note-on. Unlike
the case when this parameter is set to L/R, the pan of a
sounding note will not change in real-time.
If you wish to move the pan of a sounding note in real-
time and output it from AUDIO OUTPUT (INDIVID-
UAL) 1/2, you must set "BUS Select" to IFX, select 00:
No Effect for "IFX" (7.1–2a), and then set "BUS Select"
(7.1–2a) to 1/2.
S1 (Send1(MFX1))
S2 (Send2(MFX2))
For each timbre 1–8, these parameters set the send level to
master effects 1 and 2. These settings are valid when "BUS
Select" is set to L/R or Off. When IFX is selected, the send
levels to master effects 1 and 2 are set by the "S1
(Send1(MFX)), " "S2 (Send2(MFX))" parameters of the Setup
page (7.1–2a), after the sound has passed through IFX.
If "BUS Select" is set to 1, 2 or 1/2 these settings are ignored.
[DKit, L/R, IFX, 1, 2, 1/2, Off]


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