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KORG TR Parameter Manual: Smpl Page Menu; Smpl 1.1: Recording; 1: Sample

Music workstation.
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For details on selecting pages in Sampling mode, refer to
1.1: Recording
Record samples. Select the sample or mul-
tisample to record, and make various
recording settings and AUDIO INPUT set-
tings. (☞p.90)
Smpl 2.1: Sample Edit Perform waveform editing and other editing
on recorded samples or samples that were
loaded into internal memory in Media
mode. (☞p.100)
Loop 3.1: Loop Edit
Set sample playback parameters. Set start,
loop start, end address, and turn loop or
reverse playback on/off. (☞p.108)
4.1: Multisample Edit multisamples. Set and edit sample
assign, zone, and original key etc. (☞p.118)
Mem 5.1: Memory
View the remaining memory available for
multisamples and samples. (☞p.120)
5.2: Controller
Controller settings. (☞p.121)
7.1: Insert Effect Select the insert effects used for sampling,
and make settings for them. (☞p.121)

SMPL 1.1: Recording

Here you can set the input level and make other basic set-
tings for sampling (sample recording), and make basic set-
tings for multisamples and samples. Normally you will
record samples in this page.
1.1–1: Sample
Select the multisample and index sample for sampling, and
make basic settings.
1.1–1a: MS (
Multisample Select
MS (Multisample Select)
Selects the multisample.
Each multisample consists of the samples for one or more
indexes (an "index" is a range or zone of keys).
This parameter can also be set from 2.1: Sample Edit–4.1:
Here's how to create a new multisample.
1 Use numeric keys [0]–[9] to specify the new multisample
number, and press the [ENTER] key to open the "Create
New Multisample" dialog box.
2 If you wish to create a stereo multisample, check "Ste-
3 To create the multisample, press the [F8] ("OK") key. To
cancel, press the [F7] ("Cancel") key.
A multisample will be created as follows (example).
001: NewMS_ _ _ _ _ _001
001: NewMS_ _ _ _ _ _001-L
002: NewMS_ _ _ _ _ _001-R
[xxx (001...128)/yyy (001...128)]
Select s the index that you wish to sample, or to which you
wish to assign a sample.
Each zone within a multisample is called an "index." For
example on the 61-note keyboard, if a multisample is
divided into zones of one octave (12 notes), there will be six
zones. Each of these zones is called an index, and you can
assign a sample to each index.
xxx: The selected index. Choose the desired index.
yyy: The total number of indexes in the multisample.
To select an index, hold down the [ENTER] key and
play a note on the keyboard. The index that includes
the note you played will be selected. The specified key
will be the base key, and will be displayed in gray in
"Keyboard & Index" ( ☞ "Keyboard & Index").
), Index, Keyboard &


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