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KORG TR Parameter Manual: 2: Prog; 4: Mix

Music workstation.
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1.1–2: Prog...8
(Program T01...08)
1.1–3: Prog...16
(Program T09...16)
Here you can make basic settings such as selecting the pro-
gram used by each track.
1.1–2(3)a: Program
Program Select
[A...D/000...127, G001...128, g001...g128:d]
Here you can select the program that will be used by each
When this parameter is selected, you can use the VALUE
controller to make a selection. At this time, the BANK
SELECT key LEDs will light to indicate the bank of the
selected program.
The track number and the abbreviated category name of the
selected program are displayed above "Program Select."
By holding down the [TIMBRE/TRACK] key and
pressing a [F1](T1/T9)–[F8](T8/T16) key you can move
to the corresponding track "T1"–"T16."
The program bank can also be selected directly by using
the BANK [A]–[GM] keys.
When this parameter is selected, you can use the Utility
menu command "Select by Category" to select a pro-
gram by category. (☞p.2)
The program you select here will be used when the song is
played or recorded from the beginning. If the program is
changed while recording, the program change will be
recorded as musical data, and the program will change dur-
ing playback. You can also change the program manually
during playback. However if program change command is
already recorded, the program will change at that point.
If the "Status" (3.1–1(2)a) is INT or BTH, the program
can be specified by receiving a MIDI program change.
When you switch songs or return to the beginning of
the song, tracks whose "Status" is EXT, EX2, or BTH
will transmit the bank and program number via MIDI.
Tracks whose "Status" is EX2 will display the Bank as
"–," and will transmit via MIDI the bank number speci-
fied by "Bank (EX2) MSB" and "Bank (EX2) LSB" in the
Param1 page (3.1–1(2)a).
1.1–2(3)b: PLAY/MUTE/REC, SOLO On/Off
Specifies the mute status of each track, and select the record-
ing tracks for multi-track recording. During playback or sin-
gle track recording (normal recording), you can select PLAY
or MUTE for tracks other than the recording track. During
multi-track recording, each track can be set to PLAY, MUTE,
or REC. Use the [INC][DEC] keys, or the [VALUE] dial to
change the setting.
PLAY: The track will play.
MUTE: The track will be muted (silent).
REC: This will appear in single track recording (normal
recording). It cannot be selected.
If you have selected multi-track recording (Preference page
"Multi REC" on), select REC for the tracks that you wish to
Turn the Solo function on/off.
Select the box located at the right of "PLAY/MUTE/REC,"
and turn the setting on/off. A track for which this is turned
on will show an "S" in the box, and only that track will
sound. The other tracks will be muted.
■ 1.1–2(3)c: UTILITY
☞"Memory Status," "Solo Selected Track," "Rename Song,"
"Delete Song," "Copy From Song," "Copy From Combi,"
"Load Template Song," "Save Template Song," "FF/REW
Speed," "Set Location" (1.1–1d)
For details on how to select the desired utility function, refer
to "PROG 1.1–1c: UTILITY."
Select by Category
Select the program for each track by category.
This will appear and can be selected when "Program Select"
is selected. (☞PROG 1.1–1a)
1.1–4: Mix..8
1.1–5: Mix..16
Here you can set the pan and volume of each track.
The pan and volume that you specify here will be used
when you playback or record from the beginning of the
song. If you change the settings during recording, the
changes will be recorded as sequencer data, and pan and
volume will change during playback. You can also change
the settings during playback. However when the song
reaches a location where pan or volume data was recorded,
the settings will change as recorded.
In the case of tracks whose "Status" (3.1–1(2)a) is BTH,
EXT, or EX2, a track that has been muted by the Mute or
Solo functions will not transmit note on/off data on the
MIDI channel specified for that track.
If the utility menu command "Solo Selected Track"
(1.1–1d) is on, you cannot turn the solo mode off from
here, its solo state will take priority. To turn the solo
mode off in this case, you must use the utility menu
command (1.1–1d) to deselect it. When you press
"SOLO On/Off" or a parameter of another track, only
that selected track will be soloed, and will be heard.
(Mixer T01...08)
(Mixer T09...16)


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