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KORG TR Parameter Manual: Please Note When Installing An Option Board; Option Board/memory Installation Procedure

Music workstation.
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If you install only DRAM SIMM modules (without installing
the EXB-SMPL), you will be able to load multisample and
sample data in Media mode.
DRAM SIMM boards are not a manufacturer option.
Please purchase commercially-available boards that are
sold for use in computers.
In order to use the maximum of 64 Mbytes, you will
need to remove the 16 Mbyte DRAM SIMM that was
installed when installing the EXB-SMPL, and use two
32 Mbyte DRAM SIMM modules.
The memory banks and sampling time will depend on
the capacity of the DRAM SIMM boards you install,
and on the slot locations. (☞p.92)
Please note when installing an option
• So that static electricity in your body does not damage
the electronic components, touch the ground wire of a
grounded device or an unpainted metallic component
to discharge any static electricity in your body before
installing an option board. Internal components of this
instrument and of the option boards may be damaged
by static electricity.
• Follow the installation procedure, and be sure that each
part is installed correctly and in the correct orientation.
• Please use care in handling option boards. Dropping
them or applying pressure to them may damage the
• Avoid touching exposed metal edges of the circuit
board, or portions that need not be handled during
• All screws (and washers) that are removed will be
used, so be careful not to misplace them.
• Do not use screws other than those that are installed in
the option board and this instrument. Using screws of a
different shape or length may damage the unit or cause
it to malfunction.
• Be sure to firmly tighten the screws used for attach-
• Be sure that the option board is inserted correctly into
the connector or slot. After installation, be sure to check
that the board is installed correctly. If the board is not
inserted all the way, faulty contact or power supply
shorts can occur, making the unit malfunction.
• Be careful not to drop parts or the option board into the
inside of the instrument.
If you are unable to retrieve a screw or part that was
dropped inside the instrument, please contact your
local Korg distributor.
Option board/memory installation
Before you perform the installation, be sure to read the
foregoing section "Please note when installing an
option board/memory."
1. Preparations for installation
During the installation, be careful not to cut your hand
on any sharp edges of the TR or of the option board/
1 The EXB-SMPL sampling upgrade contains the following
items. Make sure that no items are missing.
• EXB-SMPL (board)
• 16 Mbyte DRAM SIMM
• Screws, 3 mm × 8 mm
2 You will need a "+" (plus) screwdriver, and some maga-
zines or other material (to prevent damage to the joystick
and knobs etc.: see diagram below)
3 Turn off the TR, and disconnect the AC/AC power sup-
ply cable and any other cables by which other devices are
4 As shown in the following diagram, place four maga-
zines etc. at the four corners of the instrument to prevent
damage to the joystick and knobs, and place the TR
upside down on top of them.
Cover "B"
Cover "A"
View from below
Place in each of the four corners so that joystick and knobs are not contacted
When turning the TR upside down, be careful not to
loose your balance and drop the instrument.
5 Detach the appropriate cover for the option board/mem-
ory you wish to install.
When installing the EXB-SMPL, detach cover "A." When
installing the DRAM SIMM, detach cover "B."
( ☞ Detaching the cover is described in the following sec-
tions "2–1" or "2–2.")
: 1 board
: 1 module
: 3 screws


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