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KORG TR Parameter Manual: Combination Mode; Combi Page Menu; Combi 1.1: Play; 1: Combi (combination)

Music workstation.
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For details on how to select pages in Combination mode,
refer to p.1.
1.1: Play
Select and play combinations. Select a
program for each timbre, and set sta-
tus, pan, and level. Select an arpeggio
pattern and make settings. (☞p.31)
2.1: Ed-Prog/Mix
Select a program for each timbre, and
set pan and level. (Same as the 1.1:
Play parameters; can be edited from
either page.) (☞p.35)
2.2: Ed-Ctrl
Controller settings. (☞p.36)
3.1: Ed-Param1
MIDI, OSC, and Pitch settings for each
timbre. (☞p.36)
3.2: Ed-Param2
Delay and scale settings for each tim-
bre. (☞p.38)
3.3: Ed-Key Zone
Key zone settings for each timbre.
3.4: Ed-Vel Zone
Velocity zone settings for each timbre.
MIDI1 4.1: Ed-MIDI Filter1
MIDI message transmission/reception
filter settings for each timbre, such as
Prog Change and After Touch. (☞p.41)
MIDI2 4.2: Ed-MIDI Filter 2 Filter settings such as JS and Ribbon
Ctrl. (☞p.41)
MIDI3 4.3: Ed-MIDI Filter 3 Filter settings; REALTIME CONTROL
Knob (☞p.42)
MIDI4 4.4: Ed-MIDI Filter 4 Filter settings; SW, Other Ctrl Change
6.1: Ed-Arp.
Arpeggiator settings. (Same as the 1.1:
Play parameters; can be edited from
either page.) (☞p.43)
7.1: Ed-InsertFX
Bus and master effect send level set-
tings for each timbre.
Insert effect routing, selection, and set-
tings. (☞p.45)
7.2: Ed-MasterFX
Master effect selection and settings.
Master EQ settings. (☞p.47)

2. Combination mode

COMBI 1.1: Play

In this display page you can select and play Combinations.
A Combi allows you to use up to 8 programs at one time
from the keyboard.
1.1–1: Combi
1.1–1a: Bank, Combi Select, Category, Cat.Hold,
10's Hold, (Tempo)
Bank (Bank Select)
This is the Combination bank display.
Use the front panel BANK [A]–[C] keys to select the bank.
On this instrument, there are a total of 384 combination pro-
grams in three rewritable banks (A, B, C), each containing
128 combinations. (☞For a list of the factory-set combina-
tions, refer to the separate VNL.)
Bank A
Bank B
Preloaded combinations
Bank C
If you have selected the "Program Select" (1.1–2c) edit
cell for one of the timbres 1–8 in the Prog page, Bank
[A]–[GM] will switch the program banks for timbres 1–
Combi Select (Combination Select)
Here you can select a combination. Select this parameter,
and use the [INC], [DEC] keys, numeric keys [0]–[9], or the
[VALUE] dial to select a combination. You can also select
combinations by category, or using "10's Hold." (☞p.2
"Cat.HOLD," "Select by Category," "10's HOLD")
You can select Combis by receiving MIDI program
changes via a connected external MIDI device, or by
using a foot switch. (☞p.127 "Foot SW Assign" (GLO-
BAL 1.1–3a), p.226 "Foot Switch Assign List")
[Bank A...C]
[0...127: name]


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