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KORG TR Parameter Manual: Compatibility With The Karma Music Workstation

Music workstation.
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This is maintained as internal data by the TRITON
Extreme, TRITON STUDIO, and TRITON, but the data is
ignored, and the unit will operate using the A or B set-
ting. If this state is saved as a .PCG file or dumped via
TON, it will be output in the state in which it was loaded
or received via MIDI data dump.
2. TRITON-Rack
• Combination, Multi, and Global mode parameters
The parameters listed below are invalid on the TRITON-
Rack, but are maintained as internal data. When saved,
they will be output as the loaded value or as the default
value. This means that the settings may be changed if
you load a .PCG file of a TRITON-Rack.
Combination and Multi modes:
MIDI Filter "Enable Foot Pedal/Switch"
Global mode:
"Convert Position"
"Foot Switch Assign"
"Foot Pedal Assign"
"Damper Polarity"
"Foot Switch Polarity"
Compatibility with the KARMA Music
The TR is able to convert .PCG files and .SNG files from the
KARMA Music Workstation (system version 1.0 and 2.0)
while loading them. However, the following restrictions and
cautions apply.
The combination or program category may become
The data of the KARMA Music Workstation's .MID and
.EXL files are completely compatible. This data can be
saved/loaded via external media. Also, .KGE files
saved by KARMA Music Workstation system version
2.0 will be detected as undefined DOS files.
Parameters that are valid on the KARMA Music
Workstation and invalid on the TR
1. KARMA function
The TR does not have KARMA functionality. Thus, if you
load a KARMA Music Workstation .PCG file or .SNG file,
the KARMA related parameters within the programs, com-
binations, or songs will not be loaded. Also, arpeggiator-
related parameters will be initialized after loading.
2. Insert effect (IFX)
The TR provides one insert effect (IFX). If you load a .PCG/
.SNG file from the KARMA Music Workstation, which is
able to use five insert effects, the parameters for IFX2, 3, 4,
and 5 in the programs, combinations, drum kits, global set-
tings, and song data of the file will not be loaded. The
parameters for IFX1 will be loaded as IFX parameters.
3. Sequencer mode "Tone Adjust" parameters
The "Tone Adjust" parameter settings of KARMA Music
Workstation system version 2.0 will not be loaded.
4. Global mode parameters
• "S/S Out P/C" setting
The "S/S Out P/C" setting of the KARMA Music Work-
station system version 2.0 is saved as internal data, but
• "MIDI Clock"
The "MIDI Clock" Auto setting of KARMA Music Work-
station system version 2.0 will be set to External.
• "Foot SW Assign"
"Foot SW Assign" settings KARMA Latch On/Off, Slider
(CC#18), KARMA RTC Knob 1...KARMA Chord Trigger
4 (KARMA Music Workstation system version 2.0 only)
will be set to Off.
• "Foot Pedal Assign"
"Foot Pedal Assign" settings Slider (CC#18), KARMA
RTC Knob 1...KARMA RTC Knob 8 (KARMA Music
Workstation system version 2.0 only) will be set to Off.
• "Auto KARMA Program," "Auto KARMA Combi"
The "Auto KARMA Program" setting is used for the
"Program (Auto Arp. Program)" parameter. The "Auto
KARMA Combi" setting is used as the "Combi (Auto
Arp. Combi)" parameter.
• Audio Input setting
For various Audio Input parameters (if EXB-SMPL is
installed), the state prior to loading is maintained.


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