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KORG TR Parameter Manual Page 64

Music workstation.
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Auto P Start Meas–Auto P End Meas
When "Recording Mode" is set to Auto Punch In, specify
the measures at which recording will start and end.
Loop All Tracks
Select this method when you wish to repeatedly record a
specified area of a track, and continue adding data. This is
suitable for creating drum patterns, etc.
If you select Loop All Tracks, the display will indicate "
M***–M*** (Loop Start Meas–Loop End Meas)" at the right,
allowing you to specify the range of measures that will be
recorded repeatedly.
Press the [REC/WRITE] key and then the [START/STOP]
key, and playback will occur until the specified measure is
reached. Then, recording will occur repeatedly over the
specified area ("Loop Start Meas"–"Loop End Meas"). Previ-
ously-recorded data will remain, and the new data will be
added. While recording, you can check "Remove Data" to
delete unwanted data.
If you check "Multi REC," Loop All Tracks cannot be
Loop Start Meas–Loop End Meas
When the "Recording Mode" is set to Loop All Tracks, you
can specify the range of measures that will define the loop.
Remove Data
You can delete unwanted musical data while recording with
Loop All Tracks.
This is available when Loop All Tracks is chosen in
"Recording Mode."
On (checked): During recording, press the key (note num-
ber) that corresponds to the musical data you wish to delete.
All occurrences of that note number will be deleted for the
interval that you continue holding down the key.
Controller data can also be erased in a similar way. For
example while you move and hold the joystick in the X (hor-
izontal) direction, bender data will be erased. While you
apply pressure to the keyboard, after touch data will be
Also, you can press and hold down the [REC/WRITE] key
to delete all musical data for as long as the key is held.
Multi REC
On (checked): Multi-track recording mode will be selected.
Check this when you wish to record multiple tracks simulta-
Use this when you want to record a keyboard performance
using a Combi, or to realtime-record an arpeggiator perfor-
mance on multiple tracks of differing channels.
If this is checked, the "PLAY/MUTE/REC" (1.1–2(3)b) set-
ting of all tracks will be set to REC.
At this time, use the Program page (1.1–2(3)b) "PLAY/
MUTE/REC" setting to specify the tracks on which multi-
track recording will occur. (☞OG p.83)
The Multi REC setting also allows MIDI data on multiple
channels to be received from a multi-track sequencer con-
nected to this instrument, and recorded simultaneously on
multiple tracks.
In this case, MIDI data of matching MIDI channels will be
recorded on tracks whose "PLAY/MUTE/REC" (1.1–2(3)b) is
set to REC, regardless of the "Track Select" (1.1–1c) setting.
When you do this, it is a good idea to set "MIDI Clock"
(GLOBAL 2.1–1a) to External or Ext-USB so that this instru-
ment will synchronize to the external sequencer. However,
tempo changes will not be recorded.
☞p.242 "Recording musical data from an external device"
Off (unchecked): Single track recording mode will be
selected. Recording will occur on the track you select in
"Track Select."
Here you can adjust the metronome settings.
Metronome Sound
REC Only: The metronome will sound only during record-
REC/Play: The metronome will sound during recording and
Off: The metronome will not sound. However, the pre-count
will sound before recording begins.
This parameter is linked to SEQ 5.1: RPPR Pattern "Metro-
nome Sound" (5.1–1b).
Specifies the pre-count that will occur before recording
With a setting of 0, recording will begin the instant you press
the [START/STOP] key (after first pressing the [REC/
WRITE] key).
Sets the volume of the metronome.
BUS (BUS Select)
[Off, On]
Select the output destination of the metronome sound.
L/R, L, R: Output from OUTPUT (MAIN) L/MONO and/or
1, 2, 1/2: Output from OUTPUT (INDIVIDUAL) 1, 2, respec-
■ 1.1–6b: UTILITY
☞"Memory Status", "Solo Selected Track", "Rename Song",
"Delete Song", "Copy From Song", "Copy From Combi",
"Load Template Song", "Save Template Song", "FF/REW
Speed", "Set Location," "GM Initialize" (1.1–1d)
[Off, On]
[REC Only, REC/Play, Off]
[L/R, L, R, 1, 2, 1/2]


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