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KORG TR Parameter Manual: 2: All Notes; Global 4.1: Category Name; 1: P.0; 2: P.8

Music workstation.
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The note can also be selected by holding down the
[ENTER] key and playing a note on the keyboard.
■ 3.1–1b: UTILITY
☞"Write Global Setting" (1.1–1d)
For details on how to select the desired utility function, refer
to "PROG 1.1–1c: UTILITY."
Copy Scale
This command copies a preset scale or user scale to the user
scale that you wish to edit. For details on the preset scales,
refer to "Type" (PROG 2.1–1c).
1 Select "Copy Scale" to access the dialog box.
2 Select the copy source scale ("From").
If you select Pure Major or Pure Minor, you must also
specify the "Key" selection located at the right.
Stretch can be selected only if "To" is the User All Notes
3 Select the copy destination scale ("To").
4 To execute the Copy Scale command press the [F8]
("OK") key. To cancel without executing press the [F7]
("Cancel") key.
3.1–2: All Notes
3.1–2a: User All Notes Scale
Here, you can make independent pitch settings for each of
the 128 notes.
Adjust the pitch of each of the 128 notes (C–1 – G9) in one-
cent steps. This adjustment is relative to equal temperament.
A setting of –99 lowers the pitch approximately a semitone
below normal pitch.
A setting of +99 raises the pitch approximately a semitone
above normal pitch.
In the case of the "User All Notes Scale," you can select
Stretch in the Utility menu command "Copy Scale" (3.1–1b).
Use the cursor keys [
], [
wish to set. You can also select the key by holding down
the [ENTER] key and playing a note on the keyboard.
] to select the key that you
Key Select
This indicates the location of the key displayed in "Tune."
You can use the cursor keys [
Indicates that there
are keys to the left.
Key Select
■ 3.1–2b: UTILITY
☞"Write Global Setting" (1.1–1d), "Copy Scale" (3.1–1b)

GLOBAL 4.1: Category Name

4.1–1: P.0..7
4.1–2: P.8..15
4.1–3: C.0..7
4.1–4: C.8..15
Here you can assign names to the program and combination
Select the category whose name you wish to modify, press
the [F5] ("TEXT") key to access the text dialog box, and
input the name.
A maximum of 16 characters can be input (☞OG p.44).
With the factory settings, these are classified by type of
You can specify sixteen categories each for programs and
The category names you edit here can be specified
when you write data in the "Write Program dialog box"
(PROG 1.1–1c: UTILITY) or "Write Combination dialog
box" (COMBI 1.1–1c: UTILITY), and used in the respec-
tive "Select by Category" function to select programs or
combinations by category.
], [
] to move in one-octave
Indicates that there
are keys to the right.


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